Was Future Redeemed a Good Xenoblade Trilogy End? | Review



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Future Redeemed is the final Wave 4 DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and the final piece of content in the Xenoblade trilogy or Klaus saga. With many people having played Future Redeemed how is it and does it have a good ending for the Xenoblade trilogy? Get all my thoughts in my review here! Buy the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass from Best Buy and support me! 🤍howl.me/ci7rg61TLq9 0:00 | Introduction 1:50 | Characters 4:46 | Graphics 5:23 | Voice Acting 6:01 | World Design 6:43 | Gameplay 14:11 | ⚠️ Spoilers: Story 26:55 | Conclusion ★ Follow me on Twitch! 🤍🤍twitch.tv/actualaero ➨ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍bit.ly/1mk4QHz ► Follow Me! 🤍twitter.com/ActualAero ✸ Join my Discord Server! 🤍discord.gg/Ry8nCk8 ✔ Shop at Ewin Racing for the best gaming chairs & use code “Aero” for 10% off! 🤍ewinracing.com #XenobladeChronicles3 #Xenoblade3 #Xenoblade #XenobladeChronicles #Nintendo #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch #Aero

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Was Future Redeemed a Good Xenoblade Trilogy End? | Review
Was Future Redeemed a Good Xenoblade Trilogy End? | Review
Was Future Redeemed a Good Xenoblade Trilogy End? | Review
Was Future Redeemed a Good Xenoblade Trilogy End? | Review
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Martin Schuster
2023-09-19 21:51:45

Honestly Rex doesn't feel like anything from the 2nd part. If this guy's name wasn't Rex the rest of the game would've been much better but sadly the devs love their XC2 harem poster boy.

He's just the worst character in the series and the way they try to make him likeable after achiving the dev's beloved harem is just so off putting for me.

Man how wonderful it was to see Shulk, but seeing Rex I just cannot ever see him as a grown man, but that whiny child that never learned from its mistake.

For me this DLC was a big letdown to that one Character.

2023-07-30 01:44:50

finally finished xenoblade 3 and future redeemed (just now) and man...i'm so glad i picked up xenoblade on the wii. idk if it's been talked about before somewhere, but the last couple scenes of future redeemed when we see the two worlds seperate and then converge, i gasped and awed at something i now think of as a headcanon for myself. but the "infinity" sign of the moebius' iris, yes it does represent an endless flow of time, "the now" and everything. but now i also see the "8" as the two worlds splitting. i guess you could say the ouroboros iris' represent the worlds as one too. and i like that idea so much. but man. i'm so happy to have played through this trilogy and can only hope to be around for all future xenoblade and xeno related projects <3

2023-06-11 22:27:09

EZrPzJwqRGQ&t=11m05s 11:05 Oh boy this is such a big deal to me. I didn’t like X3 base game and was punished for exploring too much. So much so that I couldn’t engage with the hero system. It was a awful experience. Then we get the DLC and I was like a child on Xmas because finally I am being rewarded for being a completionist and exploring every nook and cranny but again these damn extremes! Now gamers who don’t want to explore everything are being punished. Both are completely messed up and infuriating to me. Just allow us a campfire to change our levels from the very beginning and quit forcing players to play a certain way. Let people like me who want to complete a game even if we are over leveled before the boss do that, and let people who don’t want to explore everything not get punished for for not exploring. Respect of different play styles for different people need to be a thing. It can really ruin people’s experience of the game both ways.

Future Redeemed was everything I was looking for in 3 base game and didn’t get. I will absolutely be playing it again.

2023-05-22 19:55:26

Being new to this series, I absolutely got the DLC specifically to feed the void of missing Fei from Gears and finding Matthew as a solid stand-in for now. I really wish Gears would get its due remake by Monolith and obtain the IP rights back from Square Enix.

2023-05-12 18:46:14


2023-05-12 08:13:52

Think exploration is sorta part of the game so don't really think it matter all that much that you find the unlock kits. Actually sorta liked it, made exploration more rewarding. The only think is that I think they should all be in chests so they show up on the radar when you build a radar tower or that lying items also shows up.
Also think they don't refer to the names of the people because that might spoil parts of previous games.

2023-05-10 20:07:21

I cant believe some people think Glimmers voice acting was even passable.

Miguel Duran
2023-05-09 05:17:08


Mr Bubbles
2023-05-09 02:47:11

I maintain if we got a picture it should have simply been the picture of Noah and Mio in a modern day hospital holding baby Ghondor

2023-05-09 00:20:52


Your Trubers
2023-05-07 16:33:04

Time to do a new timeline???

2023-05-07 13:42:14

There is no "not explained pretty well things", there is intentionally unexplained things. But dlc itself is great addition to the main game, it's just awesome.

2023-05-07 10:55:46

I am now soo hyped fore the enevetble xeno worriers.

Your Trubers
2023-05-06 15:51:39


Leonardo Martinez
2023-05-05 22:48:58

This DLC was PEAK, I love the Xenoblade series :)

2023-05-05 07:22:00

Finally got to catch this after getting my video done. And it's so nice to see you having such a positive reaction to the game. It's very infectious. Agree about the A / Alpha stuff. Feel like it was a bit confusing and idk I don't think A really felt like XC1 Alvis. But was super cool to see Alpha again. Glad you loved it man ❤

2023-05-04 07:20:02

It was FANTASTIC and wrapped up MANY loose ends... now well see what the future may bring (NO this is NOT a pun <.<) as in what Xenoblade Chronicles 4 may bring ethen though it may no longer be named XenoBLADE Chronicles XD

2023-05-04 00:38:11

I actually really liked the accessories and gen locks behind exploration, maybe not for the main games, but it works really well here because it makes me excited to explore. Before I usually feel like exploring doesn,ct have as much rewards, so this is a really nice way to encourage that

Will quickly add though, the Xenoblade X connection was likely just a reference, as X's world physically cannoy exist in the same universe as the main world. Especially Xenosaga and Xenoblade 2

Johnson Tran
2023-05-03 18:17:59

My only two issues were having to collecting the kits and characters not having enough time to develop. Other than that, this DLC popped the fuck off.

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