Pokemon Home Scarlet & Violet LEAKS + Backwards Transfer!



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With the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero still a few months away a new Pokemon Home 2023 update is set to release soon to allow transferring Pokemon from Sword and Shield, Legends Arceus and more into the new Gen 9 Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. With news giving leaks about the features and a potential rumor on when this update could release there's some interesting information so definitely check out all the details here! Pre-order Pokemon Scarlet & Violet from Best Buy and support me, I’d really appreciate it! :) Pokemon Scarlet (Physical): 🤍shop-links.co/chjLCtHJIe5 Pokemon Violet (Physical): 🤍shop-links.co/chjLCt6v8rp Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Double Pack: 🤍shop-links.co/chm3PE296n8 Pokemon Scarlet (Digital): 🤍howl.me/cieCAU3YiiQ Pokemon Violet (Digital): 🤍howl.me/cieCAU9psFW Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (Digital Double Pack): 🤍howl.me/cieCAUbL8m8 ★ Follow me on Twitch! 🤍🤍twitch.tv/actualaero ➨ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍bit.ly/1mk4QHz ► Follow Me! 🤍twitter.com/ActualAero ✸ Join my Discord Server! 🤍discord.gg/Ry8nCk8 ✔ Shop at Ewin Racing for the best gaming chairs & use code “Aero” for 10% off! 🤍ewinracing.com Credit goes to Dobbs for the Pokedex Countdown Animation: 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCivH... #PokemonHome #PokemonScarletViolet #ScarletViolet #Pokemon #Gen9 #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Aero ♫ Outro Music: 🤍bit.ly/3fRw4U6 ♫ Background Music: 🤍bit.ly/2LHN4PQ

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Pokemon Home Scarlet & Violet LEAKS + Backwards Transfer!
Pokemon Home Scarlet & Violet LEAKS + Backwards Transfer!
Pokemon Home Scarlet & Violet LEAKS + Backwards Transfer!
Pokemon Home Scarlet & Violet LEAKS + Backwards Transfer!
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2023-08-15 12:16:47

This is would be good for Ribbon Master😊

Dovon Mac
2023-05-19 15:02:25

1 yrs

Trevor Nickell
2023-05-17 23:54:22

Dude, I hope it drops cuz if not, I'm gonna have to make another file on another Switch w/ the opposite version just so I can store my extra Aprimon & Shinies.

2023-05-17 20:36:20

YEAA why tf would anyone want to send shit back to to old game??????? -.- I just don’t get it new game u send it to that game and u want to send things to old games ??????

Juan pablo Navarro
2023-05-17 13:43:37

will you be able to breed with legendries to hatch a shiny or even be able to breed with gen 1 pokemon because i want the chance to shiny hatch some gen 1 pokemon ans so on

Matt&Erica Richards
2023-05-17 11:02:35

I’ve got hundreds of shinys I have a entire living dex of shiny and non shiny in my Pokémon home right now and I have some of my most powerful Pokémon that I won turnaments with when I was younger shoot I even have my original infernape (my all time favorite Pokémon), and charizard from my platinum when I was a kid and I’ve carried them with me through every gen
I even have a bunch of my wife’s Pokémon that I transferred to Pokémon home since she enjoys playing violet while I play scarlet and our son plays both so we all have battles and trade lol we just sit around the living room playing Pokémon lol
Yes I’m old I was born in 1992 (I’m 31) been a Pokémon fan since red and blue first came out in 1998
I use to always transfer Pokémon back and forth from silver to red and red to silver over actually carried a bunch of my best Pokémon with me to each generation throughout the years for example my original infernape has been with me since platinum and I’ve carried it to BW,BW2, xy, USUM, PLA and BDSP now he’s just in my home until the scarlet dlc when he can go to scarlet

nalla superssj4
2023-05-17 05:50:28

Does this apply to black and white, heartgold and soulsilver, x and y?

Draco Fluffypants
2023-05-17 03:28:06

With the leaks it will come out on the 19 of may 😅

OrneryAhklut 8311
2023-05-17 02:17:28

How fitting that the Pokémon Home update for SV which is based on Spain is late in being updated.

2023-05-16 15:58:54

I already got a dlc team from pokemon home though you cant even transfer to scarlet 😅

2023-05-16 15:46:34

So the two new Pokémon that don't have dex entries yet, won't get any? Even though all other paradox mons have entries and they are the laziest text blurb that all refer to the same magazine and defines maybe one feature.

2023-05-16 15:33:30

I hope megas will make a return on sv

Sebastian Pueblitz
2023-05-16 15:22:38

Will they ever fix the glitches???!

2023-05-16 15:14:44

The KING of overextending videos 🥶 repeating himself over and over 😈 making what could have been a 3 minute video into an 8 min video 😳 no actual news but makes it seem like there is 😴 CLASSIC YouTuber making videos to waste peoples time because he needs money 🤑

Amanda Green
2023-05-16 11:06:55

Yeah I still got a few Pokemon boxes in Pokemon bank that are ready to transfer to Pokemon home, even if there are a bunch of clones.

Are there going to be an updating Pokemon bank????

2023-05-16 10:50:35

Bout time. I wanna start my kubfu starter run on Violet

2023-05-16 08:28:27

Soon we will be doing”Generation 45 + Ash returning leaks” instead of this 😔

Dean Elm
2023-05-16 08:00:55

Hate to be that guy but its ar see us not ark e us

Sebastian Hall
2023-05-16 04:43:54

You had me in the first half. I thought you could do new Pokémon into old games. You can do that already.

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