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LIPDUB - I Gotta Feeling (Comm-UQAM 2009)


LipDub réalisé durant la semaine d'initiations avec 172 étudiants en communication de l'Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Tourné le 10 septembre 2009 en 2h15min. (Réalisation: Luc-Olivier Cloutier & Marie-Ève Hébert) This LipDub has been produced during the integration week of UQAM (Quebec, Canada) with 172 communication students. Made on September 10th 2009 in 2h15min. (Directors: Luc-Olivier Cloutier & Marie-Ève Hébert)

[OFFICIAL] UBC LipDub - Raise Your Glass & Celebrity Status (ft. Marianas Trench and more!) in HD


Starring: Marianas Trench's Josh Ramsay, Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley, and Matt Webb, with Kirsten Wicklund, and Daniel Magder On Saturday March 26, 2011, over 1000 people gathered to rock out and lipsynch to Raise Your Glass (P!nk) and Celebrity Status (Marianas Trench). We have partnered up with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Every sponsored hit of this video sends money to Make-A-Wish. Thanks to our VIEW SPONSORS: Pacific Blue Cross (#0-50,000) Smythe Ratcliffe Accountants (#950,000-1,050,000) Thanks also to our PRODUCTION SPONSOR: Provision Film Equipment and Rentals We are always looking for new sponsors. Please contact the UBCLipDub Team at 🤍 Happy 125th Birthday Vancouver! Love, UBC LipDub. Happy Sharing! May the DUB be with you. UBC LipDub A Jab Rewind Ltd. Production (all original contents are copyright Jab Rewind Productions Ltd; all music used under license from EMI and 604 Records) *Special Thanks to Stephen Colbert...for your daily inspiration.

Archie Williams High School Lip Dub 2023


AWHS LIP DUB 2023 AWHS LIP DUB 2023 AWHS LIP DUB 2023 CREATED BY: Luke Calegari Kai Nissen SHOT BY: Luke Calegari AJ Aguilar SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ms. White Nate Severin Ms. Mac Taber Watson Jett Russell Marla Murphy Milton & German All Staff Involved All AW Lip Dubbers ASB

„BIGGEST LIPDUB EVER" - OPUS „Live Is Life“ - KAPFENBERG - The real world record!


No matter what age, which gender, what religion or color: a small town in the middle of Austria sends a short video-message of friendship, community, tolerance and pleasure to the world! 6.000 People – natives and foreigners, men and women, kids and old, manager, steelworker, firewomen, cleaners and many others – celebrated a party together and by the way set a new world record. In times like these like a piece of heaven on earth;-) EN 6.000 People danced over 10-hours and celebrated the biggest party in their life. The result was the longest lipdub-video in the world. The whole video was shot in one single take. 10 hours the whole city sang one and the same song: „Live is life“ from OPUS. The party-distance ran over 2.2 kilometers; shopping mall, city hall, helicopter, medieval burg, sports stadium and fireworks included. And the pastors are real! One hundred percent love of life with „Live is life“. The video was filmed September 19th in 2014 in Kapfenberg, a small town at the edge of the Alps in Austria. Thanks to all participants. We love OPUS, we love Kapfenberg. You are world-class! Even advisable to everyone who´s not in a good mood. This video will cheer you up… ES 6.000 personas celebran durante 10 horas la fiesta más grande de su vida y la convierten en el más largo Lipdub del mundo. El vídeo récord mundial estaba tomado en una sola pasada sin cortar. Durante 10 horas toda la ciudad cantaba la misma canción: "Live is life" de OPUS. El desfile fue de 2,2 kilometros; centro comercial, ayuntamiento, helicóptero, burgo medieval, estadio deportivo y fuegos artificiales incluidos. Y los pastores son reales! Cien por ciento alegría con "Live is life". El video fue filmado el 19 de septiembre de 2014 en Kapfenberg, una pequeña ciudad al lado de los Alpes en Austria. Gracias a todos los participantes. Nos encanta OPUS, amamos Kapfenberg. Usted son de clase mundial! Tambíen recomendado a personas que no están en un buen estado de ánimo. Este vídeo seguro te animará para arriba! DE 6.000 Menschen feiern 10 Stunden lang die größte Party ihres Lebens und drehen dabei den längsten Lipdub der Welt. Das Weltrekord-Video wurde in einer einzigen Plansequenz – in einem Durchlauf, ohne Schnitt aufgenommen. 10 Stunden lang sang eine ganze Stadt nur ein einziges Lied: „Live is life“ von OPUS. Die Partystrecke war 2,2 Kilometer lang; Einkaufszentrum, Rathaus, Hubschrauber, mittelalterliche Burg, Fußballstadion und Feuerwerk inklusive. Und die Pfarrer sind echt! 100 Prozent Lebenslust und gute Laune pur. Aufgenommen am 19. September 2014 in Kapfenberg, einer Kleinstadt am Rande der Alpen in Österreich. Danke an alle Mitwirkenden. We love OPUS, we love Kapfenberg. Ihr seid Weltspitze! Auch empfehlenswert für alle, die nicht gut drauf sind. Dieses Video baut dich garantiert wieder auf…

Lipdub 2023


Vesterbølle Efterskoles Lipdub 2023.

The Grand Rapids LipDub (NEW WORLD RECORD)


This film is dedicated to the late Roger Ebert, who died at the age of 70, on April 4th, 2013. Ebert loved movies and even named our LipDub, "The Greatest Music Video Ever Made." "The Grand Rapids LipDub Video was filmed May 22nd, with 5,000 people, and involved a major shutdown of downtown Grand Rapids, which was filled with marching bands, parades, weddings, motorcades, bridges on fire, and helicopter take offs. It is the largest and longest LipDub video, to date. This video was created as an official response to the Newsweek article calling Grand Rapids a "dying city." We disagreed strongly, and wanted to create a video that encompasses the passion and energy we all feel is growing exponentially, in this great city. We felt Don McLean's "American Pie," a song about death, was in the end, triumphant and filled to the brim with life and hope." - Rob Bliss, Director & Executive Producer Rob Bliss Events and SEF video proudly present in association with Creo Productions (🤍) "THE GRAND RAPIDS LIPDUB VIDEO" LINE PRODUCER Josh Rubino SCRIPT SUPERVISOR Keri Larsen Kujala ASSISTANT TO THE PRODUCER Melissa Dylan DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Andrew Tingley STORYBOARDS & CONCEPT ART Greg Oberle DIRECTOR Rob Bliss PRODUCER Scott Seven (🤍 EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Rob Bliss Scott Seven FULL CREDITS ON FACEBOOK 🤍 MUSIC "American Pie," written by Don McLean; Produced by Ed Freeman for The Rainbow Collection, Ltd. FACEBOOK 🤍 T-SHIRT DESIGN: Grand Rapids Graphix: 🤍 *Note: The "NEW WORLD RECORD" designation refers to size and scope, not duration. This $40,000 production was entirely financed by the generosity of local sponsors that are listed below: PLATINUM SPONSORS: Amway Grand Plaza Hotel (🤍 EasyRotor Helicopter (🤍 Grand Vally State University (🤍 metroPCS (🤍 Avanti Law Group (🤍 GOLD SPONSORS: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (🤍 Experience Grand Rapids (🤍 Grand Rapids Downtown Alliance (🤍 A.K. RIKK'S (🤍 Eastern Floral (🤍 United Bank of Michigan (🤍 The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation The Seccia Family Foundation SILVER SPONSORS: Fifth Third Bank (🤍) PNC Bank (🤍) Steelcase (🤍) Huntington (🤍 UICA (🤍 Biggby Coffee (🤍 Mindscape at Hanon-McKendry (🤍 Harold Zeigler Auto Group (🤍) Express Signs (🤍 BRONZE SPONSORS: Hanon McKendry (🤍) HopCat (🤍) Cascade Engineering (🤍 Rockford Construction (🤍 Siegel Jewelers (🤍 Gentex Corporation (🤍

LipDub 2023 - Schule Schloss Salem


Traditionell bereitet der Abschlussjahrgang des Salem International College einen LipDub vor, der bei der Examensfeier präsentiert wird.

Train - Hey Soul Sister - Lip Dub UVic (Official)


Lip Dub's song "Hey Soul Sister" produced by the University of Vic (UVIC) during May 2010. Approximately 900 people appeared on this Lip Dub. The initiative comes from Advertising and Public Relations students. (Directors: Daniel Feixas & Santi Hausmann) Lip Dub de la cançó "Hey soul sister" realitzat per la Universitat de Vic (UVIC) durant el maig del 2010. Aproximadament 900 persones apareixen en aquest Lip Dub. La iniciativa surt de l'assignatura de creativitat dels estudiants de Publicitat i relacions públiques. (Directors: Daniel Feixas i Santi Hausmann) Le LipDub de la chanson "Hey soul sister" a été réalisé par l'université de Vic (UVIC) au mois du mai 2010. Environ 900 personnes apparaissent dans ce LipDub. L'initiative est sortie des étudiants de Publicité et de relations publiques, du cours de créativité (Directeurs : Daniel Feixas et Santi Hausmann). Lip Dub della canzone "Hey Soul Sister" realizzato dall'Università di Vic (UVic) a maggio 2010. Circa 900 persone partecipano in questo Lip Dub. L'iniziativa nasce dal corso di creatività degli studenti di Publicità e Relazioni Pubbliche. (Registi: Daniel Feixas e Santi Hausmann) Lip Dub da música "Hey Soul Sister", realizado pela Universidade de Vic (UVic), durante Maio de 2010. Cerca de 900 pessoas aparecen no Lip Dub. A iniciativa surge no âmbito da criatividade dos alunos em Publicidade e Propaganda e Relações Públicas. (Diretores: Daniel Feixas e Santi Hausmann) A "Hey Soul Sister" c. dal Lip Dub-ja melyet az Universitat de Vic (UVIC) készített 2010 májusában. Kb. 900 ember jelenik meg ebben a videóban. A kezdeményezés a Kreativitás tantárgyat tanuló diákoktól származik, akik a Kommunikáció és PR szakra járnak. (Rendező: Daniel Feixas és Santi Hausmann) LipDub de la canción "Hey Soul Sister" realizada por la Universidad de Vic (Uvic) durante el mayo de 2010. Aproximadamente 900 personas aparecen en este LipDub. La iniciativa sale de la asignatura de creatividad de los estudiantes de Publicidad y Relaciones Publicas. (Directores: Daniel Feixas i Santi Hausmann) Universitat de Vic: 🤍 Production: Astronaut Video 🤍 Train in Youtube: 🤍

LipDub Jeunes UMP 2010 Officiel


Le PS a une nouvelle fois un train de retard, un TGV de retard !! Le clip des Jeunes de l'UMP, conçu sous la forme d'un Lipdub dynamique et novateur, sera la vitrine du Mouvement pour lannée 2010, et a pour ambition de démontrer le véritable engagement des Jeunes Populaires, pour inciter activement les français à nous rejoindre. Réalisé bénévolement, ce clip, révolutionne le genre du Lipdub par la combinaison d'un plan-séquence tourné avec plus de 150 jeunes dans un train, agrémenté d'une multitude de séquences détonantes ! Ce projet a coeur de prouver la volonté des jeunes de l'UMP à changer le monde, tous ensemble. Plus de 250 jeunes de plus de 50 départements différents, et 17 grandes personnalités du monde politique, artistique, sportif et associatif ont contribué à ce grand projet pour soutenir notre cause, parmis lesquels : Xavier Bertrand, Chantal Jouanno, Christine Lagarde, Rachida Dati, Eric Besson, Nadine Morano, Rama Yade, Laurent Wauquiez, Xavier Darcos, David Douillet, Valérie Pécresse, Gilbert Montagné, Eric Woerth, Stéphanie Fugain, Patrick Devedjian, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Frédéric Lefebvre. Ce clip ambitieux est véritablement porteur d'un message écologiste de par les valeurs propres à la génération du nouveau millénaire, pour qui la protection de la planète est l'ultime priorité. La chanson de Luc Plamondon, "Tous ceux qui veulent changer le monde", dénonce les dérives dune société individualiste dans laquelle chacun lutte pour soi. Le projet a vocation à faire comprendre quil nest nullement question de remettre en cause les libertés individuelles mais quil est temps de sunir afin de régler les problèmes de notre société. Un message dunion pour les grandes causes afin de résoudre les maux de notre société par lunion de chaque individu : nous ne réglerons les problèmes de notre sociétè, que par lépanouissement individuel dans un progrès collectifs. Retrouvez nous sur 🤍

Cleveland High School Lip Dub 2016 - "Pop Danthology"


Cleveland High School Lip Dub 2016 - "Pop Danthology" The entire student body at Cleveland High School participated in the 2016 Lip Dub. This year's lip dub features the brand new Raider Arena and includes a ribbon cutting by Cleveland Mayor Tom Rowland Music used: kimaginati0n - Pop Danthology 2015



Web oficial Youcat: 🤍 Segueix Youcat a Facebook: 🤍 Lip dub for the independence of Catalonia and the rest of the Catalan Countries, recorded October the 24th 2010 in the city of Vic. Achieving a total amount of 5.771 participants, the World Records Academy awarded the World Record for being the lip dub with highest participation ever. The initiative was born by a group of Catalans, whose aim is to let the whole world know that Catalonia is a nation, and without its independence it cannot be assured its survival and future. Lipdub per la independència de Catalunya i la resta dels Països Catalans, realitzat el 24 d'octubre del 2010 a la ciutat de Vic. Aquest vídeo té el rècord mundial de més gent participant en un lipdub, 5.771 persones, acreditades per la World Records Academy. La iniciativa sorgeix de la gent del poble català. Es vol fer saber, a tot el món, que Catalunya és una nació i com a tal necessita la independència per assegurar-se la supervivència i el futur. Lipdub por la independencia de Catalunya y el resto de los Països Catalans, realizado el 24 de octubre del 2010 en la ciudad de Vic. Este video tiene el récord mundial de más gente participando en un lipdub, 5.771 personas, acreditadas por la World Records Academy. La iniciativa surge de la gente del pueblo catalán. Se quiere dar a conocer, a todo el mundo, que Catalunya es una nación y como tal necesita la independencia para asegurarse la supervivencia y el futuro. Lipdub pour l'indépendance de la Catalogne et le reste des Pays Catalans, réalisé le 24 octobre 2010 à la ville de Vic. Ce video possède le record mondial du plus grand nombre de participants sur un Lipdub, 5771 personnes selon la World Records Academy. L'initiative a surgit des gens du peuple catalan.On veut faire savoir à tout le monde que la Catalogne est une nation qui en tant que telle a besoin de l'indépendance afin d'assurer sa survie et son futur. Lipdub für die Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens und der übrigen katalanischsprachigen Gebiete, aufgenommen am 24. Oktober 2010 in der Stadt Vic. Der World Records Academy zufolge hät das Musikvideo mit 5.771 Darstellern derzeit den Teilnahmeweltrekord unter den Lipdubs. Das Projekt geht auf Initiative der katalanischen Zivilgesellschaft zurück. Zweck ist es, die Weltöffentlichkeit darauf hinzuweisen, dass Katalonien sich als eigenständige Nation begreift und zur Sicherung seines kulturellen Fortbestands nach Unabhängigkeit strebt. Lipdub per l'indipendenza della Catalogna e per il resto dei Paesi Catalani, girato il 24 ottobre 2010 nella città di Vic. Questo video detiene il record mondiale del maggior numero di persone partecipando in un lipdub, 5.771 persone, secondo il World Records Academy . L'iniziativa sorge dalla gente del popolo catalano. Ci si vuole fare sapere per tutto il mondo, che la Catalogna è una nazione e come a tale ha bisogno della indipendenza per garantire la sua sopravvivenza ed il suo futuro. Kataluniaren eta Països Catalans herrialde osoaren independentziaren alde egindako lipdub-a, 2010eko urriaren 24an grabatuta, Vic hirian. Bideo honek lipdub jendetsuenaren errekorra dauka, 5771 pertsona, World Records Academy-ak ziurtatuta. Iniziatiba hau herri kataluniarreko jendearengan sortu da. Mundu guztiari jakinarazi nahi zaio Katalunia nazio bat dela, eta horregatik independetzia behar duela, biziraupena eta etorkizuna ziurtatzeko.

Lip Dub - The time (Dirty Bit) Ecole secondaire catholique Thériault (Finissants 2011)


Lip Dub preformed to Black eyed Peas "Dirty Bit" This LipDub was preformed by the graduates of ESCT (école secondaire catholique Thériault). Over 70 students participated in this LipDub. Ce LipDub à été realiser par les finissants de l'école secondaire catholique Thériault. Avec la participation de près de 70 étudiants, ce LipDub est dédié a tout les finissants de l'école secondaire catholique Thériault. Remerciement special à: Xavier Bélanger Michelle Lauzon Aaron Mailloux Angel Mathieu Eric Rodrigue Roddy Huot Sophie Bilodeau David Carrier et un remerciement a tout les élèves qui on participer a ce LipDub, sans leurs présence, ce projet n'aurait jamais été réaliser.



Thanks to everyone who helped make our 4th Annual Lip Dub a success!

The Cupertino High School 2019 Lipdub [4K]


Cupertino High School presents our 2019 Lipdub! A historic tradition that has taken place at our school every 4 years, this year's Lipdub is dedicated to the Class of 2019. - Filmed & Edited by Bhadresh Yadav Instagram: 🤍bhadrxsh | bhadresh.yadav🤍



Lipdub creat amb l'alumnat de 4 ESO, promoció 22-23, de l'institut Ronda de Lleida. És un divertimento. No hi busqueu vint potes!

CSHS Lip Dub


Toi + Moi Lipdub


Cette vidéo est une production bénévole des stagiaires, étudiants et résidents en guise de remerciements à l'ensemble du personnel de l'Hôpital Montfort pour l'expérience vécue. Musique : Toi + Moi Star Académie 2012 Remix de DJMarioG100



16-VII-2011. BILBO. EUSKAL HERRIA. INTERNATIONAL DEMONSTRATION. Ikusi duzuena Kukutza III Gaztetxean mugitzen denaren zatitxo bat besterik ez da. 13 urteetan garatutako proiektu partehartzaile eta autogestionatua. Gaur egun, Kukutza desalojo arriskuan dago eta guztion eskuetan dago defendatzea. Horregatik, Uztailaren 16rako MANIFESTAZIO INTERNAZIONALA DEITU DUGU, BILBON. EZ DIRA PASAKO !!! Lo que acabáis de ver no es más que un pedacito de todo lo que se mueve en Kukutza III Gaztetxea, un proyecto autogestionado y participativo que viene desarrollandose desde hace 13 años. Hoy es el día en que Kukutza está en grave peligro por los intereses especulativos de las constructoras corruptas y en manos de todas defenderlo. Por eso, hacemos un llamamiento a la MANIFESTACIÓN INTERNACIONAL QUE SE CELEBRARÁ EN BILBO EL 16 DE JULIO. ¡¡¡ NO PASARÁN !!! KUKUTZA III GAZTETXEA DESALOJO ARRISKUAN DAGO. HERRIAK BEREA DENA DEFENDATUKO DU. EZ DIRA PASAKO! KUKUTZA III GAZTETXEA ESTÁ EN PELIGRO DE DESALOJO. EL PUEBLO DEFENDERÁ LO QUE ES SUYO. NO PASARÁN! KUKUTZA III GAZTETXEA IS IN DANGER OF EVICTION . THE PEOPLE WILL DEFEND WHAT IS THEIRS. THEY WILL NOT PASS! KUKUTZA III GAZTETXEA EST EN DANGER D`EXPULSION. LE PEUPLE DÉFENDRA CE QUI LUI APPARTIENT. NO PASARÁN! KUKUTZA III GAZTETXEA ES TROVA EN PERILL DE DESALLOTJAMENT . EL POBLE DEFENSARÁ EL QUE ÈS SEU. NO PASSARAN! KUKUTZA III GAZTETXEA É IN PERICOLO DI SLOGGIAMENTO. IL POPOLO DIFENDERA CIÒ CHE È SUO. NO PASARÁN!



Holiday Lip Dub sung in house by Peters Township High School students, produced and shot by PTHS students and music arranged by Ryan Perrotte, PTHS teacher.



A BIG thank you to all of South High School's clubs and sports for being apart of this year's Lip Dub. And, a HUGE thank you to Haley Gabelsberg and Maddie Park for producing/filming this huge project. Go Spartans!

LipDub Sekundarschule Petermoos - Gepäckträger Taxi


LipDub Challenge 2023 Sekundarschule Petermoos Song: Florian Summer - Gepäckträger Taxi 🤍 Konzept: Laura Hürlimann Florian Sutter Rafael Casaulta Produktion: Gäggeligääl - Agentur für Kreation Produktionsleitung: Laura Hürlimann Kamera: Cyril Portmann Schnitt: Rafael Casaulta Postproduktion: Rafael Casaulta Projektassistenz: Vivienne Züsli Lyrics: Mir sind jung und mir ruled t City Jung ruled t City Mir sind jung und mir ruled t City Jung ruled t City Äs git ä kei unä meh, äs git nur no obä Äs git ä kei hinä meh, äs git nur no vornä und vor mir da stahsch duuu vor mir da stahsch duu duu Elegant häsch di ufgschwungä dini Händ um min Buch umä Gepäckträger Taxi Mir cruisäd durs Quartier durä und t Wält trait sich nur no um euis umä Gepäckträger Taxi Das Velo isch nöd gmacht für zwei aber ich bring dich hei, ich bring dich hei Mir sind jung und mir ruled t City Jung ruled t City Mir sind jung und mir ruled t City Jung ruled t City Ahhh, Jung ruled t City Äs git ä keis einsam meh, äs git nur no zämä Äs git ä keis haltä meh, äs git nur no brännä und das chasch numä duuu das chasch numä duu duu Ich nim dä Wäg, won ich niä achumä dini Händ um min Buch umä Gepäckträger Taxi Vergiss all es um euis umä i däm Momänt, won ich dir nöch chumä Gepäckträger Taxi Das Velo isch nöd gmacht für zwei jetzt stahts bi dir dihei, bi dir dihei Mir sind jung und mir ruled t City Jung ruled t City Mir sind jung und mir ruled t City Jung ruled t City Gepäckträger Taxi du hebsch di a mir fescht, ich mag di s isch wiä flügä Gepäckträger Taxi du hebsch di a mir fescht, ich mag di s isch wiä flügä yeah s isch wiä flügä yeah Mir sind jung, ahhh ahhh und mir ruled t City Jung, ahhh ahhh und mir ruled t City Gepäckträger Taxi du hebsch di a mir fescht, ich mag di s isch wiä flügä Gepäckträger Taxi du hebsch di a mir fescht, ich mag di s isch wiä flügä yeah Ahhh



The Franklin High School Admirals Present our 2023 LIP DUB. Made as a 10-year anniversary tribute to our amazing "Rebels Dance" Lip Dub back in 2013. Produced and Directed by Senior Vice President Emmaline Warden. Filmed and Edited by Blais Cameron. (all other credits at the end)

Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal


On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, I told my girlfriend to meet me at my parent's house for dinner. When she arrived I had stationed my brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give her some headphones. He "wanted to play her a song"... What she got instead was the world's first Live Lip-Dub Proposal. Enjoy!

North Hills High School Lip Dub | Wake Me Up


Thanks to all students, teachers, and administrators who made this incredible project a success. Directed by Nick Ross Cinematography by Michael Joos Asst. Directors - Brandi Williams & Troy Buchlmayer Song: Wake Me Up by Avicii EDIT* As many people are asking, the student body of North Hills Senior High School (9-12) has approximately 1400 students.

Pakistani Wedding LipDub | Hayee Dil Bechara | Sheeni & Ryaan | Melbourne 2022


Sharing a LipDub video made for the beautiful Sheeni & Ryaan's week long Pakistani wedding and was played for the guests at the Valima event. Gear Used: Sony A7SIII & Sony FX6 paired with G Master Lenses DJI Gimbal Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Best Intro Ever - The Office US


Could you imagine beginning your day at the office like this? Watch The Office US on Google Play: 🤍 & iTunes 🤍 Subscribe // 🤍 Watch Season 7 Episode 1 - Nepotism on Google Play now: 🤍 Welcome to the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments! FB : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Website : 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Why not watch "All Life is Sex // The Office US" ➨ 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-



The Official Friends' School Lisburn LipDub. Over 1000 people involved including pupils and staff highlighting the sense of community within Friends' School. Sunday Times Northern Ireland School of the Year 2011 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 A special thanks to RabMatt Productions: Director and Producer - Mr S Robinson Photography and Cinematographer - Matthew Good Friends' School is one of nine Quaker schools in Britain and Ireland and shares a common heritage with each of them. Friends' has grown and changed since its foundation in 1774, yet the Quaker belief in care for the individual and in the importance of the development of each person's potential remains central to our ethos and helps us to cater successfully for the different traditions within the wider community of Lisburn and the surrounding areas.

World's First Live Lip-Dub Divorce Proposal


On Tuesday, June 5th 2012, Tonya told her husband Isaac that she was taking him out special for their anniversary. What he got instead was a big surprise. Watch the original: 🤍 Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal - Divorce Parody Like us on Facebook! 🤍 Follow us on Twitter! 🤍 Directed by Joshua Funk Produced by Mike Damanskis & Mark Kienlen Written by Joshua Funk, Mike Damanskis & Andy Cobb Music by Joshua Funk Sung by Nyima Funk Choreographed by Gina Cantrell Lead Dancer: Tonya Kay Husband: Michael Bertrando Backup Dancers: Ali Dubin, Angie Light, Bethany Quinn, Brett Duggan, Carl Tart, Carolyn Marie Wright, Charlene Yang, Chris Senger, Cristal Bubblin, Daniel Simmons, Eric Rosenfeld, Gilbert Garza, Halley Kim, Hallie Jordan, Jen Halperin, Jen Larkin, Kevin Mosteller, Kim Hoke, Mark Bade, Mary Allwright, Michael Joseph Donovan, Michael Vaccaro, Mitch Fowers, Ric Rosario, Russ Burd, Samantha Rund Do you want to be a better comedy writer, actor, and improviser? Then sign up to take a class at one of our training centers! Chicago: 🤍 Hollywood: 🤍 Toronto: 🤍 Study comedy for college credit at Second City: 🤍

PVHS Lip Dub 2017 - Unwritten


Palos Verdes High School Lip Dub 2017 Directed, Filmed, Edited by: Dilan Mistry Produced by Jama Maxfield, Trista Ramirez, & the PVHS ASB Special Thanks: Rene Vela, Daniel Kim, Michael Kare, Dawson Michel, & Sarah Ellis

Lipdub 2023 - Escola Lurdes


Meilleur Lipdub mariage Ever


Lipdub Mariage au top sur la chanson "Drôle de vie" du film "Tout ce qui brille"



This is the Official Behind-the-Scenes Feature for the Grand Rapids LipDub Video, produced by Nicholas Dean of Skyward Visual. Watch the LipDub here: 🤍 Learn more about LipDub producer Scott Seven here:

University LipDub - FH Hagenberg


The first Austrian University LipDub. University LipDub is a kind of music video, where students lipsynch a preselected song. It's a brilliant device for showcasing the university, because the video backdrop to the track is a fast-moving walk-through, around the campus, that gives you a vivid impression of what it's like and how much fun you can have if you choose to study right here at this university. Produced by Holger Stitz, Sabine Gross and Christian Schulze. Steadicam: Christian Schulze Song: Paris, Paris - Words by Klimmstein & Joe Sumner, Music by Klimmstein Song used with permission.

Roncalli Lipdub- 3x Yeah Chris Brown- Martistiek Producties


RONCALLI: Meer dan een diploma! Meer info over middelbare school Roncalli: 🤍 Regie en productie lipdub: Martijn Hendrickx- Martistiek Producties 🤍

Okkodo High School | Class of 2020 Lipdub!


Okkodo High School Class of 2020 Lipdub! Grand Champion Hafa Brand Winner Burger King Winner Thank you power98, Håfabrand, and Burger King! Also to our SBA team, and the entire bulldog team for your support! BIBA OKKODO! BIBA BULLDOGS! 💙❤️

Lipdub : Vaccine toi Vaccinons nous Vaccinez vous ! ( sur Envole toi de Goldman )


Beau message pour la vaccination ! Edit : arrêtez de mettre tant de dislikes respectez le travail des artistes. D’autres contenus similaires sur ma chaîne. 😁

Woburn Memorial High School Lip Dub 2023


2023 lip dub video for Woburn Memorial High School, Woburn Massachusetts. Filming and editing by Woburn Public Media Center; Brian Ouellette, Lauren Coleman, Anthony Giglio, and Jennifer Gatta Produced by Yearbook Advisors: Susan Thifault and Michelle Getherall. Directed by Meghan Qualey and assistant directors Jaskaran Badwal, Cyndea Labissiere, Amanda Logcher, & Hannah Surette Copyright song "Glad You Came" by by The Wanted Songwriters: Steve Mac | Wayne Hector | Ed Drewett

Katy Perry - Firework - Lipdub Montcau La Mola - Lip sync video


🤍 More than 1000 people from the school Escoles Montcau-La Mola i Els Pinetons in Matadepera appear on this lipdub filmed at the rhythm of Katy Perry's "Firework". The initiative has been coordinated by the 4th ESO students with the collaboration of all students, teachers and non-teaching staff from Escoles Montcau-La Mola i Els Pinetons. (Directors: Santi Hausmann & Daniel Feixas) Més de 1000 persones de les Escoles Montcau-La Mola i Els Pinetons de Matadepera han fet possible la gravació d'un lipdub a ritme de la cançó "Firework" de Katy Perry. Aquesta iniciativa ha estat coordinada pels alumnes de 4t d'ESO i ha comptat amb la col•laboració de tots els alumnes, professors i personal no docent de les Escoles Montcau-La Mola i Els Pinetons. (Direcció: Santi Hausmann i Daniel Feixas) Más de 1000 personas de las Escoles Montcau-La Mola i Els Pinetons de Matadepera han hecho posible la grabación de un lipdub a ritmo de la canción "Firework" de Katy Perry. Esta iniciativa ha sido coordinada por los alumnos de 4º de ESO y ha contado con la colaboración de todos los alumnos, profesores y personal no docente de las Escoles Montcau-La Mola i Els Pinetons. (Dirección: Santi Hausmann y Daniel Feixas) Audiovisual Production: Lou Comunicació: 🤍 Astronaut Video: 🤍 Like Us On Facebook: 🤍

Pennridge Makes You Feel - Pennridge 2022 LIPDUB


Thank you to Dr. Cashman, Mr. Friedman, and all of the PHS staff and students! Special thanks to the LIPDUB crew and singers for making this video possible. Thanks to the custodians for crushing the day. This day wouldn't have been possible without everyone's cooperation and enthusiasm. SLAYYY!!!!

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