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Kid Fried Rice


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The Best Fried Rice You'll Ever Make (Restaurant-Quality) | Epicurious 101


Taka Sakaeda, executive chef and co-owner of Nami Nori, expertly demonstrates the best method for making restaurant-style fried rice in your own home kitchen. With chef Taka's guidance, you may never settle for quick takeout fried rice again. Director/Producer: Mel Ibarra Director of Photography: Joel Kingsbury Editor: JC Scruggs Talent: Taka Sakaeda Director of Culinary Production: Kelly Janke Culinary Researcher and Recipe Editor: Vivian Jao Culinary Producer: Mallary Santucci Culinary Associate Producer: Katrina Zito Associate Producer: Tim Colao Line Producer: Jennifer McGinity Production Manager: Janine Dispensa Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hymes Camera Operator: Jeremy Harris Audio: Michael Guggino Production Assistant: Kayla Zimmerman Post Production Supervisor: Andrea Farr Post Production Coordinator: Scout Alter Supervising Editor: Eduardo Araújo Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin Graphics, Animation, VFX: Léa Kichler 0:00 Are you telling me a shrimp fried this rice? 0:27 Chapter One - Drying Out The Rice 2:08 Chapter Two - Prepping The Ingredients 3:11 Chapter Three - Cooking 7:56 Taste! Still haven’t subscribed to Epicurious on YouTube? ►► 🤍 ABOUT EPICURIOUS Browse thousands of recipes and videos from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and more. Find inventive cooking ideas, ingredients, and restaurant menus from the world’s largest food archive.

Chinese Fried Rice


Super quick! Use frozen veg and scramble the eggs in the wok with the rice. This one's all about the seasoning. 🤍 By popular demand, this recipe is also featured in my debut cookbook “Dinner” (p120)! Find out more about the book here: 🤍 QUICK PURCHASE LINKS: US/CAN 🇺🇸🇨🇦 Amazon 🤍 Barnes & Noble 🤍 🤍 Amazon CA 🤍 Indigo 🤍 AUSTRALIA/NZ 🇦🇺 Amazon 🤍 Big W 🤍 Booktopia 🤍 QBD 🤍 Mighty Ape 🤍 Paper Plus 🤍 UK/IRE 🇬🇧🇮🇪 Amazon 🤍 Waterstones 🤍 Eason 🤍

Fried Rice Recipe [Traditional Japanese Style] / 炒飯


Basic fried rice recipe Japanese style Traditional Japanese fried rice How to cook Yakimeshi fried rice 📖FULL RECIPE: 🤍 🧑‍🍳About me: 🤍 🙏 Support CHEF'S LABO: 🤍 💻 Website (Recipe blog): 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🍙 FAQ about the ingredients: 🤍 FAQ examples: -What is kombu? -Which brand of soy sauce should I buy? -Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu? -How much dashi powder should I use? (Each pages include pictures) (Recommended videos👀) [Egg Fried Rice] 🤍 [Gyoza (Japanese dumpling)] 🤍 [Chicken Fried rice] 🤍 - (Chapter) 0:00 Prepare ingredients 2:22 About the rice 3:46 Garlic chips 4:45 Cook pork 6:04 Fried rice - [Ingredients] (1 serve) -Cold rice 240g -Kombu salt 1/3tsp (2g) -Black pepper -Pork belly 100g -Kombu salt 1/4tsp (1g) -Black pepper -Green onion / scallion 50g -Garlic (as peeled) 15g -Ginger (as peeled) 10g -Egg 2 -Sake 1/2tbsp (7.5ml) -Soy sauce 1/2 tbsp (7.5ml) (Kombu salt) -Salt 50g -Kombu 4g (To cook rice 3-4serve) -Rice 500g -Water 550ml -Vege oil 1tbsp (15ml) - Ingredients (OUNCE version): 🤍 [Other FAQ] Q: I don't have a strong stove. My rice always end up soggy A: The problem could be one of below ↓ 1: Your rice is too wet Wet rice makes it soggy. So make sure to measure the rice and water properly. And once it's cooked, it's even better if you freeze it once. You will see it break apart lot easier 2: You didn't heat your pan enough The most common mistake. Make sure to heat your pan until "SMOKING" hot. It's impossible to heat your pan very fast like Chinese restaurants, but if you take your time to heat it, you can make similar environment. My stove is a $10 cheap one, but I can still cook like a pro😉 Q: What's your pan? A:It's a brand called "Pro.cooker" Q: What's the brand of your stove? A: Campmaster. I found at a discount store ($20) Q: Can I use different meats? A: Yes you can. Prawn is also a good idea - 🍽 [The plates I used in the video] 🍽 You can check the detail from the link below 5 % off for any purchases with my promo code: CHEFSLABO [MUSUBI KILN website] 🤍 [Black plate] 🤍 [Blue bowl] 🤍 *International Shipping available. *Discount shipping for over 5000 JPY *Free shipping for over 50000JPY ↑ (The website will show the price in your currency) - *[About Copyright ] All the contents I made in this channel (Includes videos, text, picture, etc) can not be used in any other forms without permission. If you do, You will be at the risk of being charged with a YouTube Fair Use violation, or legal penalties. So please do not risk your life. CHEF'S LABO videos are only available on YouTube. If you find my contents in somewhere else, please contact me - [BGM] Big Time by ikoliks #chefslabo #ChefLabo #FriedRice #炒飯 #チャーハン

Fried Rice | Basics with Babish


Click the link here to get $60 off your first three weeks of Blue Apron: 🤍 This video is sponsored by Blue Apron. Fried rice is incredibly easy to make and can be tweaked a thousand different ways to clean out your fridge or assuage the picky eater in your life. If your resolution is to get cooking more in 2019, this is a great place to start. Recipe: 🤍 + Ingredients & Shopping List: 4.5 cups cooked and chilled white rice Salt Vegetable oil 2 eggs, beaten Shrimp (or protein of your choice) 1/2 cup shiitake mushrooms, chopped 1/2 cup frozen peas 1 cup chopped ham 2 cloves garlic, crushed 3 Tbsp oyster sauce 3 Tbsp soy sauce Scallions, thinly sliced Sesame seeds 1 Tbsp butter + Special Equipment: Wide nonstick pan Music: "90s Kid", "Mr. Miyagi" by Blue Wednesday 🤍 🤍 My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online! Amazon: 🤍 Barnes & Noble: 🤍 Theme song: "Stay Tuned" by Wuh Oh 🤍 Binging With Babish Website: 🤍 Basics With Babish Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

🍚 Fried Rice: A Chinese Chef’s Masterclass! (蛋炒飯)


Watch my dad teach you how to make a classic egg fried rice. He’ll show you all the steps from how to cook the rice to how to mix the rice with a spatula! Click here to access our free video lesson on how to cut twice as fast (and prevent injuries!) 🤍 👩‍🍳 JOIN THE CANTO COOKING CLUB 👩‍🍳 Develop the intuition and foundation to cook Cantonese food with exclusive classes from Daddy Lau! Join the club: 🤍 WATCH MORE More Rice Recipes: 🤍 Cook Like a Chinese Chef: 🤍 🍴 RECIPE + INGREDIENTS🍴 Check out our blog for an adjustable list of ingredients and step-by-step videos: 🤍 🙏 SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL 🙏 If you enjoy these videos and want to support us being able to continue creating content for many years to come, we’d love for you to consider becoming a patron of Made With Lau. 🤍 👋 CONNECT WITH US 👋 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🍳 COOKWARE WE USE/LOVE 🍳 - Electric Burner: 🤍 - Gas Burner: 🤍 - Non-Stick Wok: 🤍 - Carbon Steel Wok: 🤍 - Non-Stick Pan: 🤍 - Carbon Steel Pan: 🤍 - Stainless Steel Skillet: 🤍 - Cookware Set: 🤍 - 8 Quart Pot: 🤍 - Cookware Collections: 🤍 - Pan Protector: 🤍 - Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax: 🤍 🔪 KNIVES WE USE/LOVE 🔪 - Dad's 40 year old Chinese Chef Knife: 🤍 🤍 - Chef Knife: 🤍 - Santoku Knife: 🤍 - Starter Knife Set: 🤍 - Sharpening Stone Set: 🤍 👨‍🍳 KITCHEN ACCESSORIES WE USE/LOVE 👨‍🍳 - Magnetic Knife Strip (storage): 🤍 - Cutting Board: 🤍 - Instant Read Thermometer #1: 🤍 - Instant Read Thermometer #2: 🤍 - Food Scale: 🤍 🍜 DAD'S SPECIAL INGREDIENTS 🍜 If you don't live near an Asian market, you buy these online / on Amazon: - Sesame Oil: 🤍 - Handcrafted Soy Sauce: 🤍 - Light Soy Sauce: 🤍 - Light Soy Sauce (Handcrafted): 🤍 - Dark Soy Sauce: 🤍 - Dark Soy Sauce (Handcrafted): 🤍 - Rice Cooking Wine: 🤍 - Premium Oyster Sauce: 🤍 🤍 - Chili Oil: 🤍 - Hoisin Sauce: 🤍 - Chicken Bouillon: 🤍 - Shaoxing Cooking Wine: 🤍 Options for Vegetarian Oyster Sauce - 🤍 - 🤍 Options for Gluten Free Oyster Sauce - 🤍 - 🤍 Note: These links are affiliate links, which means that if you use our links to purchase these ingredients, our family earns a small amount for the sale - at no extra cost to you. If you use these links, we really appreciate the support! 🔗 LINKS MENTIONED 🔗 emmymade: 🤍 mrnigelng: 🤍 Epicurious: 🤍 America's Test Kitchen: 🤍 Joshua Weissman: 🤍 ⏲ CHAPTERS ⏲ 00:00 - Wash & cook rice 01:39 - Cut green onion & carrot 02:47 - Crack & season eggs 03:27 - Microwave veggies 04:38 - Fluff cooked rice 04:55 - On choosing rice for fried rice 07:41 - Start stir-fry 10:25 - Add seasoning 11:39 - Add final garnishes & plate #friedrice #friedricerecipe #ricerecipe #ricerecipes #ricedishes #cookingathome #cookingvideo 💛 OUR FAMILY 💛 Learn more about the Lau family, and why we started this channel + blog: 🤍 - 🎵 OTHER CREDITS 🎵 Produced by Randy Lau Edited by Willard Chan, Nicole Cheng Translation by Arlene Chiu, David Loh Intro Flute Music - Performed by Daddy Lau Copyright Chillhop Music - 🤍 Copyright Chillhop Music - 🤍



Niece and nephew go buy the new blue hoodie: 🤍 This egg fry rice pretty impressive! Original weejio: 🤍 Uncle Roger's favorite noodles and dumplings (US only): 🤍 💰 Support me so I can keep making weejios for you! Merch: 🤍 Channel membership: 🤍 Shoutouts: 🤍 - Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng. Follow my socials for more content ⬇️ 💬 Discord: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👪 Facebook: 🤍 🤖 Reddit: 🤍 🕺 tiktok: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌎 If you want me to tour your area, put your city in here: 🤍 © Orange Heart Productions

WAYYY better than takeout Egg Fried Rice!


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Gordon Ramsay's Spicy Fried Rice Recipe from Indonesia


Gordon was in Indonesia earlier this year and while he was there learned how to make Nasi goreng. A staple of Take Out/Take Away, Gordon was able to a delicious Spicy Fried Rice to the next level. Simple, easy and quick, this is the ultimate Ramsay take on a fried rice! This was shot during Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. If you missed the show you can catch up on the show here: 🤍 Follow Gordon: Text him: +1 (310) 620-6468 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

5 Minutes EASY Egg Fried Rice


🌼Visit 🤍 for Written Recipe w/Step by Step Pics!🌼 🛎 GET NOTIFICATION: Subscribe my channel & check the "Bell" button right next to the subscribe button to get notifications when I upload new video and go on LIVE & New Recipes Published!! #AsianAtHome #SeonkyoungLongest #EggFriedRice 🌼 COME TO MY NEXT POPUP! 🌼 🤍 Website 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Pinterest 🤍 🌼 RECIPE: 🤍 🌼 Get My Merch and let your [nu:ders] on! 🤍 🌼 Get the BEST MEAT EVER. Butcher Box 🤍 🌼 In This Video... Wusthof Knife 🤍 Portabel Gas Stove Gold 🤍 Boos Cutting Board 🤍 Wok 🤍 🌼 Cameras Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 🤍 Canon EOS 80D 🤍 Canon EOS 70D 🤍 Panasonic LUMIX GH5s 🤍 🌼 Lens Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM 🤍 Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro 🤍 Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens 🤍 PANASONIC LUMIX Professional 12-60mm 🤍 🌼 5 Minutes EASY Egg Fried Rice Ingredients 3 tbsp cooking oil 4 eggs, beaten with pinch of salt 4 cups cold jasmine rice 2 tbsp soy sauce pinch of salt 4 green onions, sliced

Uncle Roger MAKE EGG FRIED RICE (3M Subscriber Special!)


Uncle Roger 3M egg fried rice reveal! This weejio spoonsored by SASA, Uncle Roger's favourite MSG brand. Uncle Roger make egg fried rice. Finally! This weejio using the last stock of Sasa MSG that Uncle Roger have 😔 Dear SASA team, please send Uncle Roger your new MSG. I hear you have new packaging coming up very soon! Uncle Roger can’t wait to have my salt on crack. Happy new year 2021! Go check out SASA Instagram 🤍sasamelezatkan and for more recipes 🤍micinsosialgang And go visit Mei Mei if you're in London: 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:28 Prep 5:43 Cook 8:59 Taste test 10:05 Michelin Star version 12:17 Verdict 13:03 Bloopers Uncle Roger egg fried rice recipe: Ingredient (no quantity listed, just use feeling): Garlic Shallot Egg Spring onion Chilli Chicken rice Soy sauce Asian sesame oil Pork lard OR peanut oil (or vegetable oil if you weak) White pepper (optional) and of course... MSG AND NO VEGETABLE. Vegetable taste like sad. Steps: Oil the wok with pork lard/peanut oil/vegetable oil Fry garlic and shallot until fragrant Add egg, fry until fluffy Add rice. Stir Add soy sauce, sesame oil, MSG, white pepper. Stir Add spring onion, chilli TOSS Enjoy your egg fry rice while judging Jamie Oliver Thank you for 3 million subscriber. BAI BAI! - Use code UNCLEROGER to get 10% off Uncle Roger's favorite soup dumplings (US only): 🤍 💰 Support me so I can keep making weejios for you! Merch: 🤍 Channel membership: 🤍 Shoutouts: 🤍 Edited by: Nigel Ng and Frankie Lowe (🤍 Videographer: Frankie Lowe Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng. 🎙 Check out my podcast channel: 🤍 Follow my socials for more content ⬇️ 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👪 Facebook: 🤍 🤖 Reddit: 🤍 🕺 tiktok: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌎 If you want me to tour your area, put your city in here: 🤍 © Orange Heart Productions

Making Fried Rice Faster Than A Restaurant | But Faster


Some might ask did a shrimp fry this rice… No, but it is the fastest homemade fried rice. Get My Cookbook: 🤍 Additional Cookbook Options (other stores, international, etc.): 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Subreddit: 🤍 Discord Server: 🤍 - Full Recipe: 🤍

Delicious Fried rice at home


Ingredients per person - 2 cups cooked cold rice - 1 egg - 1 spring onion, sliced thin - 100g ham - 50g frozen peas - 2 tbsp soy sauce - 3 dashes maggi seasoning - 2 tbsp grapeseed oil Method 1. Heat the oil in a wok or large frypan. 2. Add your beaten egg and scramble. Once cooked, remove from the wok and set aside. 3. Once the wok is hot again, add the ham and cook for 2 minutes and then add the spring onions. 4. Once the temperature is back in the wok, add the cooked rice and stir well. 5. Next add the peas, the cooked egg, and then the soy sauce on the outside of the wok. 6. Season with the maggi and white pepper. 7. Finish with the spring onion greens and enjoy!

The Best Chinese Fried Rice You'll Ever Make | Restaurant Quality


This restaurant-style Chinese Fried Rice recipe is the best ever! It tastes even better than takeout and is ready to eat in just 15 minutes! Keep watching to learn how to make homemade fried rice with this easy, classic recipe. Ingredients 2 1/2 cup cooked rice 1 cup carrot and peas mixed 1 tablespoon ginger 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon hoisin sauce 1 teaspoon sesame seed oil 1 cup green onions 1/2 small onion 4 eggs salt, and pepper to taste 1 tablespoon minced garlic If you like this video and would like to see more don't forget to like, share, and subscribe and hit the bell for a notification of the latest video. Clicking this link to become a member of Island Vibe Cooking. 🤍 Check Out My Husband's Cooking Channel 🤍 Check Out My Amazon Store 🤍 Subscribe to my vlog channel! 🤍 Personal Instagram page 🤍rose_demesier Follow us on IG 🤍IslandVibeCooking Like our Facebook Page 🤍IslandVibeCooking Production Tech: Canon EOS M50 Lense 50 mm Neewer camera field monitor Microphone: Rode Wireless Go For business inquiries: Email: islandcookinginfo🤍 Send me stuff.. Island Vibe Cooking PO BOX 223063 West Palm Beach FL 33422-3063 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.

Uncle Roger Comes to the Wagon to Teach Me Egg Fried Rice (ft. @mrnigelng)


Uncle Roger travels to the wagon to teach me how to make Asian fried rice the RIGHT way! #friedrice #cowboycooking Original Uncle Roger Review video: 🤍 Used in this video: Enamelware 🤍 Kent Rollins Whisk 🤍 Cowboy Apron 🤍 Bertha Cowboy Wood Stove 🤍 Rode wireless mic: 🤍 Cowboy Hat: ARIAT Clothing: Kent’s Favorite Ariat products - 🤍 Save 10% off your first Ariat order: 🤍 For more suggested products seen in our videos click here: 🤍 Printable Recipe: 🤍 Check out our BEST SELLING cookbooks. Get your signed copy here: 🤍 Also available at bookstores nationwide, and Amazon 🤍 - Connect with us! 🤍 🤍 🤍 - Kent Rollins Cowboy Cooking, Cast Iron, Outdoor Cooking, Grilling, Dutch Oven Cooking Note: Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission for your click through and purchase.

Chinese Takeout Fried Rice Secrets Revealed


A comprehensive guide to classic Chinese takeout chicken fried rice at home! Fried rice is one of the most popular dishes at every Chinese takeaway! Today, I’ll break down all the tips, tricks and techniques so you’ll be able to make takeout fried rice at home even better than any takeaway restaurant you’ve ever been to! And for a fraction of the cost! Full recipe document: 🤍 Want to learn how to make takeout-style lo mein at home? Check out this video: 🤍 Wanna learn how to make Chinese takeout General Tso's chicken at home? Check out this video: 🤍 Benihana hibachi fried rice secrets revealed: 🤍 14 inch Mandarin Wok: 🤍 Ingredients used: Pearl River Bridge Light Soy Sauce: 🤍 Pearl River Bridge Dark Soy Sauce: 🤍 Lee Kum Kee Light Soy Sauce: 🤍 Lee Kum Kee Dark Soy Sauce: 🤍 Shaoxing cooking wine: 🤍 Shaoxing cooking wine: 🤍 Toasted sesame oil: 🤍 Diamond Brand Kosher Salt: 🤍 White pepper: 🤍 MSG: 🤍 Baking soda: 🤍 Kitchen gear in video: Dexter Chinese cleaver: 🤍 Chef Master portable butane stove top: 🤍 John Boos Work Table: 🤍 John Boos cutting board: 🤍 Zojirushi NP-NWC10XB rice cooker: 🤍 Chinois strainer: 🤍 Glass measuring cups: 🤍 Camera/Lighting/Audio Gear: Canon EOS R6: 🤍 Canon RF 24-105mm Lens: 🤍 Canon RF 24-70mm Lens: 🤍 JOBY BallHead 5k: 🤍 Manfrotto Video Head: 🤍 Neewer C-stand: 🤍 Zoom H4n Pro 4-Track Recorder: 🤍 Shure SM7B Microphone: 🤍 Apurture 120D LED light: 🤍 Apurture C300D II LED light: 🤍 Apurture Light Dome ii: 🤍 GVM Studio LED lights: 🤍 Music by Epidemic Sound (free 30-day trial! Affiliate link): 🤍 Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Jason Farmer may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Special thanks: Jatin Das Gupta. B-roll genius. Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:36 The Rice 3:27 The Soy Sauce 4:31 Shaoxing wine & toasted sesame oil 5:23 The chicken 7:20 Sauce & spice mixture 8:24 Final preparation 11:58 Taste test 12:38 Extra tip: leftover takeout white rice

Making Uncle Roger's Fried Rice at Home | But Better


If you know Uncle Roger, you know that he is a good judge on fried rice, he even judged Gordon Ramsay. Some may say that Uncle Roger's fried rice recipe is perfect. However, this is But Better and nobody is safe, not even you Uncle Roger (kisses from papa), so I know we can make it better! Uncle Roger's Recipe: 🤍 Recipe: 🤍 Rice Cooker: 🤍 Spider: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Instagram: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Subreddit: 🤍 -

5 Minute Easy Fried Rice


5 Minutes Easy Fried Rice: Fried Rice 101 ▶ Get My COOKBOOK 🤍 ▶ Get Written Recipes here! 🤍 1. Egg Fried Rice 2. Shrimp Fried Rice 3. Bacon Fried Rice 4. Kimchi Fried Rice ▶ Subscribe Aaron & Claire 🤍 ▶ Join Membership & Support us!! 🤍 ▶ Our Instagram 🤍 ▶ TOOLS, USED IN MY VIDEOS (AFFILIATE): KNIFE NO.1: 🤍 KNIFE NO.2: 🤍 AIR FRYER: 🤍 ▶ PANTRY ESSENTIALS (AFFILIATE): SOY SAUCE: 🤍 DARK SOY SAUCE: 🤍 FISH SAUCE: 🤍 MIRIN: 🤍 CHICKEN BOUILLON POWDER: 🤍 OYSTER SAUCE: 🤍 KOREAN CHILI PEPPER FLAKES: 🤍 SESAME OIL: 🤍 KOREAN SOYBEAN PASTE: 🤍 KOREAN CHILI PASTE: 🤍 SSAMJANG: 🤍 KOREAN BEEF STOCK POWDER: 🤍 HONDASHI: 🤍 MSG: 🤍 #5minutes #FriedRice #FriedRice101

Uncle Roger Review GORDON RAMSAY Fried Rice


Click here to get 3 months ExpressVPN for free: 🤍 Uncle Roger review this much requested video - Gordon Ramsay making Indonesian style fried rice. Will Uncle Roger put my leg down from chair? Original video: 🤍 💰 Support me so I can keep making videos for you! Patreon: 🤍 Shoutouts: 🤍 Written by Nigel Ng and Evelyn Mok (🤍 Uncle Roger is the creation of UK-based comedian Nigel Ng. 🎙 Check out my podcast channel: 🤍 Follow my socials for more content ⬇️ 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👪 Facebook: 🤍 🤖 Reddit: 🤍 🕺 tiktok: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌎 If you want me to tour your area, put your city in here: 🤍

Veg Fried Rice/ Quick Lunchbox Recipe/ Vegetable Fried Rice


#VegFriedRice #FriedRice Veg Fried Rice Ingredients Oil – 2 tbl spoon Chopped garlic – 1 teaspoon Green chilli – 1 Spring onion white Beans – 5 to 7 Carrot – 1 Capsicum – half Handful of cabbage Soya sauce – 1 teaspoon Cooked basmati rice – 200 grams Pepper – ½ teaspoon Spring onion Salt



🔪 CYBER MONDAY SALE - 🤍 ❤️ SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - 🤍 Sometimes it can be difficult to cook without the "right" ingredients. Today I will show how to make good fried rice with the ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. 🥢 PRINTABLE RECIPE - check back later INGREDIENTS (Serves 2) - 1 cup of long-grain rice (rinse with water until the water is clear) - 2 tsp of vegetable oil - 1 cup of water to cook the rice - 1 cup of mixed vegetable - 2 medium-size eggs - 3 to 4 slices of bacon or other types of protein - 1/4 cup of diced scallion - 1.5 tbsp of soy sauce (Amazon Link - 🤍 - 1.5 tbsp of oyster sauce (Amazon Link - 🤍 - 1.5 tsp of dark soy sauce (Amazon Link - 🤍 🥢RELATED VIDEOS Easy Shrimp Fried Rice [虾仁炒饭] - 🤍 Chinese Chicken Fried Rice Recipe - 🤍

King Crab Fried Rice


#shorts #friedrice #kingcrab Get my cookbook! 🤍

How to make THE BEST NIGERIAN FRIED RICE // Mind blowing Fried rice recipe


Nigerian Jollof rice 🤍 Connect with me on: * Instagram👉🏽 🤍 * Tiktok👉🏽 🤍 * Amazon 👉🏽 🤍 Veggie slicer 👉🏽 🤍 Rice bowl, veggie cutter, carrot grater, ninja grill all available here Amazon 👉🏽 🤍 Fried rice (serves 5-6 people) whole chicken( cut up)2148g * Handful of onion * 3 garlic gloves * 2 teaspoons thyme * 1 tablespoon curry powder * 2 teaspoons salt * 4 crushed chicken bouillon cubes (2 cubes) *1 cup water * 4 cups rice * 1 cup water * ½ teaspoon salt * ½ -1 teaspoon curry powder * ½ bell pepper * oil for frying the chicken or oil spray for air frying Veggies: * 1 large carrot * ½ green bell pepper * 6 green beans * 3 bunch green onions * ¼ cup peas * ¼ cup sweet corn Veggies seasoned with: * ½ teaspoon chicken seaoning * ¼ teaspoons salt * 1 teaspoon white pepper For the shrimp * ½ lbs shrimps —seasoned with: * Pinch of salt * ¼ teaspoon chicken seasoning * ½ teaspoons onion powder * 1 tablespoon Oil for frying For the liver: * ½ lb beef liver * ½ teaspoon salt * 2 chicken seasoning cube * 1 cup of water Coleslaw: * 3 cups cabbage * 1/4 cup carrot 1/2 - 1 medium * 1/3 cup mayonnaise * 1 tbs lemon or vinegar * 1 ½ -2 teaspoons sugar

信じられない超絶焼めしラッシュ!爆食いアニキ達が殺到する東京町中華がエグい丨Egg Fried Rice-Wok Skills In Japan


店名 珍々軒 地図 🤍 住所 東京都台東区上野6-12-2 0:00 ダイジェスト  1:08 本編 うどんそば 関東 Udonsoba 🤍 #中華料理 #炒飯 #餃子

How to cook fried rice . | Beef fried rice for a get together.


Green seasoning 👉🏽 🤍 Beef fried rice recipe To cook the meat 4kg beef ( diced) 1 onion 🧅 2 green seasoning ( skip if you go t have it ) 6 garlic ( grated ) Thumb size grated ginger 1 teaspoon curry powder 1 bay leaf ( or rosemary ) 1 tablespoon crushed seasoning Salt to taste To cook the rice : 10 cups long grain parboiled rice ( soak in hot water for 7 mins and wash with salt till water runs clear ) 1/4 cup onion 5 tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon curry ( or tumeric ) 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 seasoning cube Fried rice vegetables 3 cups cubed carrots 2 bunch of spring onion 1 large onion 11/2cup sweet corn Scotch bonnet pepper to taste 2 cups green beans 1 tablespoon grated ginger 1/2 cup of oil 1 green bell pepper 1 yellow bell

Chinese Mums Try Each Others Fried Rice


Chinese mums your time is now! We're back with a new group of mums and this time they're battling for the best fried rice! Who do you think will win? 🎥 PRODUCER 🎥 🤍 More from BuzzFeed UK: Like us on Facebook: 🤍 / buzzfeeduk Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 / buzzfeeduk Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 / buzzfeeduk Follow us on TikTok: 🤍 / buzzfeeduk Check out our website: 🤍

Dog Fried Rice


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Chicken Fried Rice


—Ingredients(3-4servings)— 2 cloves of garlic 2 stalks of green onion 1.76 oz/50 g carrot 2 cup cooked rice 1/3 cup peas 2 large egg 6.7 oz/ 190 g chicken -Chicken marinade 2 tsp soy sauce 1 tsp oyster sauce 1 tsp wine 1/2 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp baking soda 2 tsp corn starch 1/8 tsp white pepper powder 2 tsp oil 4 tbsp oil for cooking 1/4 tsp salt 3 tsp dark soy sauce —-Timestamps— 00:00 - Intro 00:25 - Garlic prep 00:34 - Green onion prep 00:42 - Carrot prep 00:57 - Chicken Prep 01:38 - Peas, eggs prep 01:43 - Rice prep 02:10 - How to cook chicken fried rice, Stir fry eggs 02:33 - Stir fry chicken 02:46 - Add in garlic,carrots and peas 03:10 - Rice stir fry 04:16 - Final Step

Fried Rice


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Egg Fried Rice #shorts


Beef Fried Rice with a twist!


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Martha Stewart's Thai Fried Rice ALMOST IMPRESSED Uncle Roger


Go to 🤍 and find out how you can get 3 months of ExpressVPN free! Martha Stewart, the original girlboss make Thai fried rice. Original weejio: 🤍 Uncle Roger's favorite noodles and dumplings (US only): 🤍 💰 Support me so I can keep making weejios for you! Merch: 🤍 Channel membership: 🤍 Shoutouts: 🤍 - Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng. Follow my socials for more content ⬇️ 💬 Discord: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 👪 Facebook: 🤍 🤖 Reddit: 🤍 🕺 tiktok: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌎 If you want me to tour your area, put your city in here: 🤍 © Orange Heart Productions

Beautiful Fried Rice & Ramen Masters | Amazing Giant Chinese Food


⬇︎Please subscribe to my channel from here 🤍 Two college girls revive a Chinese restaurant that was on the verge of collapse! The girls have invented a large menu of dishes to revive the restaurant! Chinese food TonTon MAP→🤍 TikTok→🤍 Instagram→🤍 WEB→🤍 00:00 Intro 01:12 Morning preparation 05:24 Manager of a female college student 06:22 Lunch business started 09:17 Giant Steak Fried Rice 11:22 Giant Hamburger Fried Rice 12:31 Peak Lunch Time 20:19 Balancing Academics and Work 20:38 Honoka, the owner, cooking in the kitchen ↓Please support our channel by joining our membership! 🤍 ↓The process of the Japanese Products channel is here! 🤍 ↓Our travel channel is here! 🤍 We want to share the charm of Japan through Japanese food videos. We will deliver videos that will be useful to people who are traveling to Japan, so please subscribe to our channel! (We use an automatic translation for subtitles, so we apologize that there may be some mistakes.) #chinesefood #friedrice

고슬고슬 계란 볶음밥 / amazing skills! egg fried rice cooking - thai street food


길거리음식을 심도있고 지루하지 않게! 좋은영상 만들고자 항상 노력하는 야미보이 입니다 오늘도 시청해주시고 응원해주셔서 감사합니다 Street food in depth and not boring! Yummy boy is always trying to make a good video. Thank you for watching and cheering - 가격 위치 정보 - 게살 계란 볶음밥 : THB 50 (USD 1.4) 위치 : 🤍 랑싯시장, 빠툼타니 태국

Fried Rice for Beginners - Learn WHY YOUR FRIED RICE SUCKS - Make Fried Rice BETTER THAN TAKEOUT!


Let’s make some griddle fried rice that’s way better than takeout! In this fried rice for beginners video, we’ll go over everything you need to know to make the best fried rice on the griddle, from what type of rice to use to what water to rice ratio you need to what ingredients will give you the most flavorful hibachi fried rice. Then, watch as I show you my new go-to fried rice recipe that’s perfect every time! (We made about 25 different batches of fried rice for this video - so I had a lot of time to perfect this flat top grill fried rice recipe!) 🤍TraegerGrills #griddlecooking #friedrice #friedricerecipe #traegergrills Get our rice cooker here: 🤍 Ingredients for Griddle Fried Rice: - 1 cup dry rice (I prefer Jasmine rice) - 1 1/4 cup water - 1/2 cup diced onion - 1/4 cup frozen peas and carrots mix - 1 tablespoon butter - 1 tablespoon finely minced garlic (about 2 cloves) - 2 tablespoons soy sauce - 1 1/2 tablespoons oyster sauce - 2 eggs scrambled - 1 tablespoon sesame oil - 1 green onion sliced thin - 1 tablespoon mirin (Optional) - 1 tablespoon sweet chili sauce (Optional) Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Please email neal🤍 for business inquiries. FLAT TOP KING MERCH, RECIPES AND SEASONINGS 🤍 Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef 🤍 MY FAVORITE COOKING TOOLS: Wireless Thermometer 🤍 My Infrared Laser Thermometer 🤍 Thermpro T19 Instant Read Thermometer The Avocado Oil that I Buy on Repeat 🤍 KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart 🤍 Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro 🤍 SEASONINGS I SWAER BY: MY NEW SEASONINGS SHAKE THAT, SMASH THAT, & “QUE THAT SEASONINGS 🤍 Sure Shot Sid’s Gunpowder Seasoning 🤍 Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning 🤍 PIT BOSS Bold Burger Rub 🤍 PIT BOSS Southwest BBQ Rub 🤍 PIT BOSS Lonestar Beef Brisket Rub 🤍 Heath Riles Rubs - Save 10% when using these links Heath Riles BBQ Garlic Jalapeño Rub Seasoning 🤍 Heath Riles BBQ Sweet BBQ Rub Seasoning 🤍 KNIVES I USE: HENCKELS Four Stars Chef Knife 🤍 HENCKELS Four Stars 7in Filet Knife 🤍 HENCKELS Four Star Utility Knife 🤍 VICTORINOX 6in BONING KNIFE 🤍 GRIDDLE MUST HAVES: Traeger Bent Handle Scraper 🤍 Meat Press Stainless Steel 🤍 Grill Cart for Accessories (Mine came from Harbor Freight but this one is good also) 🤍 Squirt Bottles 🤍 Melting Dome and Resting Rack 🤍 d Bench Scraper 🤍 My Favorite Flat Top Grill Spatulas 🤍 (If not available, check the New Star store on Amazon for the black version) My Instant Read Thermometer 🤍 (For reading internal temp of meat) Earlywood Wood Spatulas 🤍 (Good for Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle) Silicone Fish Turner 600 deg 🤍 (Good for Pit Boss Ultimate Griddle) WEBER LINKS: Weber Summit Kamado S6 Charcoal Grill (Newer model of mine) 🤍 Weber Griddle Insert 🤍 Weber 28in Griddle 🤍 Weber Genesis S-435 — 🤍 SMOKER AND GRILL MUST HAVES: Butcher Peach Paper 🤍 Black Disposable Gloves 🤍 Weber Burger Press 🤍 Charcoal Chimney 🤍 OXO Good Grips Silicone Pot Holder 🤍 Disclosures: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I have a similar agreement with Pit Boss and Camp Chef. That means if you click one of the links above and make a purchase, I earn a commission at no additional cost to you. This helps to offset my costs and allows me to continue making videos. Thanks for your support!

Treasure The Taste Of Naguri's Secret Rice Recipe!😋 #shorts #sanji #onepiece #friedrice


Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🤍 This video contains a recipe The Old Man's Egg Fried Rice From One Piece! Watch this video The Old Man's Egg Fried Rice From One Piece and see how it is done. 𝗔𝗕𝗢𝗨𝗧 𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗡𝗘𝗟📜 The goal of my channel is to quickly show you how to cook amazing properly seasoned food. I take inspiration from other my 40 years of experience in the corporate culinary industry and some YouTube influencers that use my favorite style of cooking such as Bayashi and AlbertCancook! 📱𝗙𝗢𝗟𝗟𝗢𝗪 𝗨𝗦 𝗢𝗡 𝗦𝗢𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟📌 Get updates or reach out to Get updates on my Social Media Profiles! ➡️Facebook 🔗🤍 ➡️Snapchat 🔗🤍 ➡️Instagram 🔗🤍 ➡️Tiktok 🔗🤍 ➡️ 🔗 ➡️The Bare Necessities Of Calzone Making!🤤 🔗🤍 ➡️Luca's Pesto Perfection Chef Reveal!😋 🔗🤍 ➡️Get Ready To Flip This Krabby Patty! 😋 🔗🤍 ➡️BMO's Masterpiece Is More Than Just A sandwich!🤤 🔗🤍 ➡️A Sandwich Fit for a Superhero that packs a punch!😋 🔗🤍 #animefood #rice #asmrfood

Busting Uncle Roger's Fried Rice Myths (How To Make The BEST Fried Rice)


Today, we're busting fried rice cooking myths from Uncle Roger! Subscribe to Mythical Kitchen: 🤍 Submit your Dreams Become Food photos here: 🤍 Check out our podcast, A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich! YouTube: 🤍ahotdogisasandwich Apple Podcasts: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Click the bell icon so you'll know when we add a new video! Want more Mythical Kitchen? Check out these playlists: Fancy Fast Food - 🤍 Snack Smash - 🤍 Food Fears - 🤍 Food Feats - 🤍 Pick up official Mythical Kitchen merch at 🤍 Check out Sporked, Mythical's new website dedicated to helping you find the best food on the shelves! - 🤍 Join the Mythical Society: 🤍 Follow Mythical Kitchen: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Mythical Chef Josh's Instagram: 🤍 Follow Mythical: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical Morning: 🤍 Rhett & Link: 🤍 Ear Biscuits: 🤍 Good Mythical MORE: 🤍 Want to send us something? 🤍 In the spirit of minimizing food waste associated with the filming of this series, Mythical is donating to the Hollywood Food Coalition ( 🤍 ) who provide daily, nourishing meals to underserved communities in the Los Angeles area. Closed Captioning provided by Rev Get Mythical Kitchen gadgets and equipment! * Pots and Pans - 🤍 * Instant Read Thermometer - 🤍 * Immersion Blender - 🤍 * Dehydrator - 🤍 * Vitamix Blender - 🤍 * Food Processor - 🤍 * Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer - 🤍 * Kitchen AidPasta Attachment - 🤍 * Spice Grinder - 🤍

How to Make Uncle Roger APPROVED Fried Rice


#shorts #rice #cooking Egg Fried Rice 1 large spring onion sliced 2 Fresno chilis diced 3 large cloves of garlic 3 tbsp peanut oil 2 tbsp beef fat 3 large eggs 4 cups cold, cooked rice 4 tbsp soy sauce 1 1/2 tsp sesame oil 1 1/2 tsp white pepper 1 tsp MSG spring onion tops for garnish

広島)凄まじい焼めし爆食いアニキ達が殺到する最強町中華がヤバイ丨Egg Fried Rice - Wok Skills In Japan


店名 中華料理 光南園 地図 🤍 住所 広島県広島市中区光南1-5-18 0:00 ダイジェスト  1:10 本編 うどんそば 広島 岡山 Udonsoba Hiroshima Okayama 🤍 #町中華 #炒飯 #麻婆豆腐 #広島グルメ

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fried rice 제어반배선 콘트롤반 단자대 플로리다Vlog 내향적인남자 결혼리뷰 외식경영전공 남자옷고르기 우아한노마드 플로리다여행 사우스웨스트 포트로더데일 비행기 꿀팁 亲子游戏节目 yuju 親子遊戲節目 증표 교환소 콤비 보너스 天然酵母制作