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The Problem with Bee Venom Therapy


Does bee venom therapy work? Stings cause pain, itching, or even death in some people, so how might potential benefits outweigh the risks? Hosted by: Michael Aranda Head to 🤍 for hand selected artifacts of the universe! Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: 🤍 Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters: Jerry Perez, Lazarus G, Sam Lutfi, Kevin Knupp, Nicholas Smith, D.A. Noe, alexander wadsworth, سلطان الخليفي, Piya Shedden, KatieMarie Magnone, Scott Satovsky Jr, Charles Southerland, Bader AlGhamdi, James Harshaw, Patrick D. Ashmore, Candy, Tim Curwick, charles george, Saul, Mark Terrio-Cameron, Viraansh Bhanushali. Kevin Bealer, Philippe von Bergen, Chris Peters, Justin Lentz Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Images: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍



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Honeybee venom kills cancer cells


Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #Cancer #Research #Biology

A Close Look At Bee Venom Harvesting: Strumming For Venom


In this thrilling episode of The Bush Bee Man, join Mark as he visits James from Whale Labs to explore the intriguing process of bee venom harvesting. Witness the ingenious method that safely extracts venom, turning a simple bee sting into a valuable resource for cosmetics and medical research. ►Click here to subscribe to The Bush Bee Man: 🤍 ►Support us on Patreon: 🤍 ►Shop our Honey & Merchandise: 🤍 Connect with us on social media: ►Shop Our Honey: 🤍 ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 In this electrifying episode of The Bush Bee Man, Mark pays a visit to James, the mastermind behind Whale Labs. Together, they delve into the fascinating world of bee venom collection. Watch as James demonstrates his innovative method of harvesting venom using a uniquely designed collector that is safe for bees and highly efficient and profitable. The highlight of the episode is James' unique venom collector that mimics a guitar string system. When the bees walk on a glass plate at the hive entrance, embedded wires vibrate, coaxing the bees to sting the glass and release their venom, which quickly crystallizes. The best part? This method ensures the bees' stingers don't get stuck, allowing them to return safely to their hive. Witness the marvel of scraping off crystallised venom, a highly valuable resource used in cosmetics and medical research. With raw venom selling for $80 - $100 per gram and certain extracted components fetching up to $1500 per microgram, this episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone curious about the commercial aspects of beekeeping. Join Mark and James as they showcase the power of innovation and how a simple sting can lead to extraordinary outcomes. Don't miss out on this captivating journey that combines technology, nature, and the ever-thrilling world of bees. 00:00 Introduction 00:34 James Watts 02:16 Bee Venom Collector 05:50 Uses for Bee Venom 10:18 Timelapse 10:57 Removing Bee Venom Collector 12:08 Harvesting Bee Venom

Men Try Bee Venom to Make Their Wrinkles DISAPPEAR?!


Today we try a face mask serum made with bee venom to quickly get rid of under eye bags and wrinkles! It seems too good to be true, but it actually works!? Finally a beauty product that does what it says it will! The wrinkles on our face magically disappear for smooth and young looking skin! It's a safe non-permanent Botox alternative! PRODUCT USED Bee Venom Wrinkle Removing Face Serum - 🤍 FOLLOW OUR NEW PODCAST - Five's A Crowd! *Available Now On All Major Platforms* Listen - 🤍 Watch - 🤍 JOIN OUR DISCORD - TFLB! - 🤍 BECOME A MEMBER - SUPPORT THE MEN - 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR OTHER CHANNELS: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 FOLLOW THE MEN - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 SHOP EQUIPMENT Sony A7iii - 🤍 24-105 lens - 🤍 Sony A6400 - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 Lights - 🤍 HUGE THANKS TO OUR BIGGEST SUPPORTERS! // PRODUCERS // Amanda Collin Amanda Tucker Andy Park Anthony Garza Bjørnar Eikevåg ChefEmby Chris Comfort Clarissa Kelly Hailey Hansen Helen Burlton Jack Moore Kari Stabenow Katie Forrest Laura Carson Lizzardently Randi Mdoe Silje Kathrin Alpøy Karlsen Stephanie Schaller HASHTAGS #JoinTheTRYBE #Subscribe #HitTheBell PO BOX Men Try Videos 1123 N Fairfield Rd #1373 Layton, UT 84041 FTC disclosure: This post or video may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links

Bee Venom Collection


Abeeco Bee Venom Mask - Discover the delicate process of Bee Venom collection in New Zealand.The Abeeco Bee Venom Mask also includes Manuka Honey to keep you looking your youthful best. 🤍beevenommask.com

1 करोड़ प्रति किलो | How to Collect Bee Venom | Bee Venom Price | Venom Business | Beekeeping farm


#beevenom #abcindia #beekeeping यह चैनल आधुनिक दुनिया में होने वाली नए तरीक़े की खेती के बारे में किसान भाइयों को जागरूक करता है, ताकि वे भिन्न-भिन्न प्रकार की खेती करने का प्रयास करें और कृषि की दुनिया में कामयाबी हासिल करें । हमारा दर्शकों से अनुरोध है की हमारे Video के माध्याम से आपको केवल संबधित विष्य के बारे में सामान्य ज्ञान मिलेगा, ज्यादा जानकारी के लिए आप उस किसान से मिलने का प्रयास जरूर करें, जो पहले से इसकी खेती कर रहा हो । यह चैनल AMIT BHOBHIA BROADCASTING COMPANY के अंतर्गत आता है । यह कंपनी ABC INDIA, ABC Market , Amit Bhobhia Vlogs और ABC Fitness series नाम के चार चैनल चलाती है । आप अपनी सभी समस्याएं हमे कमेंट बाक्स के माध्यम से भेज सकते है । हम है आपकी आवाज , अपनी आवाज को SUBSCRIBE करें। Performed By :- Amit Bhobhia insta. :- 🤍 video link :- 🤍 follow Artist twitter:- Check out Amit Bhobhia (🤍AmitBhobhia): 🤍 facebook:- 🤍 Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to this channel

How To Extract BEE VENOM


The basic steps involved with using an off-the-shelf venom extractor.

Apitherapy / Bee Venom Therapy and Shingles


Personal experiences with Apitherapy / Bee Venom Therapy and Shingles. American Apitherapy Society. 🤍 Health and the Honeybee. 🤍

How Do Bee Stingers Work? Stated Clearly


Support my work on Patreon: 🤍 Discover the fascinating complexity of honeybee stingers under an electron microscope, and learn how they work to defend the hive. This video explores the intricate structure and function of a bee's stinger, comparing diagrams to actual footage and high-resolution images. Uncover the details of the venom delivery system and how it enables bees to protect their colony. Although honeybees are gentle creatures, their stingers pack a powerful punch that can cause intense pain or even be deadly in rare cases. Get ready to appreciate one of nature's most amazing weapons! Special thanks to the scientists who advised on this animation: Nancy Miorelli 🤍 István Mikó 🤍 Big thanks to Professor MYM who stopped to film himself after getting stung so we could use the footage in this video. You can find his stock videos here: 🤍 Corrections: In the video, I say Mel means honey in Latin, and claim that's why the fear of bees is called "Melissophobia." While Mel does mean honey in Latin, I'm told the term "melissophobia" actually came from the Greek word "mélissa," meaning bee. It's likely that Latin and Greek have similiar words because they both come from a shared Indo-European language ancestor. Sources: (Book, 1910, Free) THE ANATOMY OF THE HONEY BEE | Snodgrass, R. E. 🤍 (Paper, 2015, Free) Structures, properties, and functions of the stings of honey bees and paper wasps: a comparative study 🤍 (Paper, 2011, Free) Sting microsculpture in the digger wasp Bembix rostrata (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae) 🤍 Keywords: Bee Stinger, Honeybee, Electron Microscope, Venom, Structure, Function #stinger #honeybee #anatomy

Bee Venom Therapy Cured Her Lyme Disease


Brooke Geahan was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease and it completely changed her life. She went from having endless amounts of energy to barely being able to walk. Then, after spending $150,000 of her savings on Western medicine with no luck, she turned to bee venom therapy. Presently, Brooke is Lyme disease free and reversed every single reversible autoimmune disease she had. She joins us to dish on her incredible healing journey. #TamronHallShow #TamronHall    Subscribe to Tamron Hall Show: 🤍   FIND YOUR TIME AND CHANNEL: 🤍 [Put in your zip code in the top portion of the website]   FOLLOW US: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍   JOIN OUR SHOW: 🤍   From the deeply moving to the purely fun, “Tamron Hall” is a daily destination for all things topical and a platform for viewers to connect with the people who are shaping our world through meaningful, engaging, and entertaining conversations. As a new mom, a newlywed, and a survivor who is proving you can accomplish anything at any age, Tamron Hall brings a refreshing, relatable, unpredictable, and unstoppable voice to television.   Broadcast from New York City featuring a dynamic mix of live and taped shows, “Tamron Hall” airs across the country in national syndication.

Bee Venom Kills HIV


How does bee venom kill HIV? Trace has the answer, and some surprising facts about bees' other superpowers. Read More: "Nanoparticles loaded with bee venom kill HIV" 🤍 "Nanoparticles carrying a toxin found in bee venom can destroy human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) while leaving surrounding cells unharmed, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown." "Flowers Communicate With Electricity" 🤍 "Flowers may be silent, but scientists have just discovered that electric fields allow them to communicate with bumblebees and possibly other species, including humans." "The Buzz: Bees Get a Boost From Caffeine" 🤍 "Bees get a natural buzz from caffeine in the nectar of coffee and citrus flowers, researchers have discovered." "Bees use the 'force' to choose the best flowers, study finds" 🤍 "Bees can alter the electrical charge of the flowers they touch. A new study finds that bees use these electrical cues to help them choose flowers with the most nectar and pollen." "How Bees Work" 🤍 "In the creation story of the Kalahari Desert's San people, a bee carries a mantis across a river. " "Bumblebee preference for symmetrical flowers." 🤍 "Fluctuating asymmetry, which represents small random deviations from otherwise bilateral symmetry, is a measure of the phenotypic quality of individuals indicating the ability of controlled development under given environmental and genetic conditions." DNews is a show about the science of everyday life. We post two new videos every day of the week. Watch More 🤍 Subscribe 🤍 DNews Twitter 🤍 Anthony Carboni Twitter: 🤍 Laci Green Twitter 🤍 Trace Dominguez Twitter 🤍 DNews Facebook 🤍 DNews Google+ 🤍 DNews Website 🤍

How To Collect Bee Venom Using Simple Cost-Effective Machines - All steps Explained


The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO) is the apex body recognised by the public and government of Uganda to coordinate all value chain actors in the apiculture industry. TUNADO is a membership body that unites producers (beekeepers), processors, packers, service providers (trainers, researches, marketers, equipment manufactures etc), development partners, government and all other stakeholders towards apiculture development in Uganda.

BEE VENOM - Most Controversial Apitherapy Product Usage & Production


In the field of Apitherapy, Bee Venom is definitely the most controversial bee product of all. There are two reasons for this. The first one is regarding usage of bee venom. In most occidental countries, the use of bee venom injection for health is not allowed! The second controversial aspect of bee venom concerns its production, the way we harvest bee venom. Indeed, it is very difficult to do this without any trace of violence towards the bees. This video will discuss those two main controversial aspects of bee venom. Before describing the video furthermore, here are some interesting links for you: To visit my website: 🤍 To hear more music similar to my video ending song: 🤍 To find out about the availability of apitherapy products on my website: 🤍 To contact me directly: 🤍 Let's get back to the video itself. Here are the main parts: - Description of the importance of the use of bee venom worldwide through the presentation of the Bodog F. Beck Award that has been created to honor the development and study of bee venom for health. The first "Beck Award" has been Awarded to Mr Charles Mraz at Apimondia 2019 for his incredible participation in the development and vulgarisation of bee venom therapy in America. - Then, we get more into the controversial aspect of bee venom usage. - The third part will open up the production aspect of bee venom. To give a more complete point of view on the topic, I give a personal anecdote regarding bee venom and health. Hope this gives you a better perspective on bee venom! Stay tuned for more apitherapy videos! Thanks for appreciating!

Collecting the highest quality bee venom in the world


Tvrtko Matijevic showing how we collect the bee venom. Visit us at 🤍 to buy the venom. If you want to buy the bee venom collecting apparatus, contact us here: 🤍

Bee Venom Therapy Sent Gerard Butler to the Hospital


Actor Gerard Butler injected himself with bee venom, which is thought to have anti-inflammatory benefits, to deal with his muscle pain and he ended up in the hospital twice! Subscribe to The Doctors: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Follow us on Pinterest: 🤍 About The Doctors: The Doctors is an Emmy award-winning daytime talk show hosted by ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and OB-GYN Dr. Nita Landry. The Doctors helps you understand the latest health headlines, such as the ice bucket challenge for ALS and the Ebola outbreak; delivers exclusive interviews with celebrities dealing with health issues, such as Lamar Odom, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, reality stars Honey Boo Boo and Mama June, and activist Chaz Bono; brings you debates about health and safety claims from agricultural company Monsanto and celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy; and shows you the latest gross viral videos and explains how you can avoid an emergency situation. The Doctors also features the News in 2:00 digest of the latest celebrity health news and The Doctors’ Prescription for simple steps to get active, combat stress, eat better and live healthier. Now in its eighth season, The Doctors celebrity guests have included Academy Award Winners Sally Field, Barbra Streisand, Jane Fonda, Marcia Gay Harden, Kathy Bates and Marisa Tomei; reality stars from Teen Mom and The Real Housewives, as well as Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Melissa Rivers, Sharon Osbourne, Tim Gunn and Amber Rose; actors Jessica Alba, Christina Applegate, Julie Bowen, Patricia Heaton, Chevy Chase, Kristin Davis, Lou Ferrigno, Harrison Ford, Grace Gealey, Cedric the Entertainer, Valerie Harper, Debra Messing, Chris O’Donnell, Betty White, Linda Gray, Fran Drescher, Emmy Rossum, Roseanne Barr, Valerie Bertinelli, Suzanne Somers; athletes Magic Johnson, Apolo Ohno and Danica Patrick; musicians Tim McGraw, Justin Bieber, Clint Black, LL Cool J, Nick Carter, Kristin Chenoweth, Paula Abdul, Gloria Gaynor, La Toya Jackson, Barry Manilow, Bret Michaels, Gene Simmons and Jordin Sparks; and celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck, Guy Fieri and Curtis Stone.

KPOP IDOL - INSPIRED OUTFITS from FASHION CHINGU 🤩 | Pink Venom X Not Shy X Antifragile #shorts


Doing this trend with my Kpop Idol Inspired Outfits from 🤍fashionchingu 🤩 Fashion Chingu is an online store that recreates K-pop and K-drama fashion so that everyone can get their favorite idols' fashion on a budget. They offer a variety of clothing collections, such as their Blackpink, Itzy, and Twice collection 😍They ship 'almost' worldwide and offer free shipping over $60. What are you waiting for? Shop these 3 outfits that I wore here : Black Ruffled Mini Jumpsuit | Jennie – BlackPink- 🤍 Beige Plaid Button-Down Cardigan | Jennie – BlackPink- 🤍 Beige Plaid Camisole Crop Top | Jennie - BlackPink- 🤍 Black Bodycon Sleeveless Jumpsuit | Nayeon - Twice- 🤍 and use my code INNAHKPOP for 10% discount on all items! To watch some exclusive contents and chat with me, subscribe to my FANSTORIES: 🤍 #FashionChingu #outfit #kpop #shorts #itzy #lesserafim #Blackpink #trend

Bee Sting Venom May Actually Cure Arthritis


Bees are known for making delicious and nutritious honey. But did you know that bees also produce venom that can help cure illnesses? You heard it right! For centuries bee venom has been used in therapies that can heal the human body, and recent developments around bee venom claim that a bee sting can help cure ailments like arthritis and reduce pain! But how accurate is this claim? In today's video, we'll discuss Bee venom and its effect on arthritis. How effective is it? Are there any risks? We're talking all that and more. Other videos recommended for you: WATCH 🎥: 7 Signs Of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Not Ignore - 🤍 WATCH 🎥: 9 Signs Of High Blood Pressure You Should NEVER IGNORE - 🤍 Medical Disclaimer: 🤍 #BeeVenom #Arthritis #Bestie Sources: 🤍 Timestamps: Intro - 0:00 Let’s Start With What Arthritis Is - 00:36 Treatments? - 01:32 How Effective Is Bee Venom? - 02:22 Experiments On Rats - 03:19 Effects Of Bee Venom On Us - 04:10 Bee Sting Therapy - 05:42 Music: 🤍 🤍 Summary: Let’s start with what Arthritis is. Arthritis can be tormenting; It usually develops over time in older adults or individuals who do strenuous labor. Arthritis is a rheumatic condition, an autoimmune and inflammatory disease causing your immune system to attack your joints, muscles, bones, and organs. ‘Arthritis’ is a word derived from Greek which means 'disease of joints,' and is used to describe around 200 conditions in joints, joint tissues, and other connective tissue. What are the available treatments? Most arthritis treatments control pain and reduce damage to the affected joint. Treatment includes medications, physical therapies, various surgeries, diet, and devices that can assist. How effective is Bee Venom? Studies have shown that half of the bee's venom contains 'melittin', which plays a significant role in treatment—Melittinis composed of 26 amino acids. Many studies have examined the biological and pharmacological activities of melittin. Experiments on rats A recent study investigated how bee venom reacts in rats. Researchers divided rats artificially induced with Rheumatoid Arthritis into three groups and one group of rats that did not have arthritis. Effects of bee venom on us In 2018 a study was conducted on 120 people to test how bee venom affects chronic disease patients. It compared the anti-arthritic effects of bee venom with the anti-arthritis drug methotrexate. Bee sting therapy Now you know that bee stings can be a helpful cure for arthritis, but if you live with this condition and are considering treatment or looking to recommend this treatment to someone, there are crucial things you should know. For more information, please watch the video until the very end. Subscribe to Bestie : 🤍 Our Social Media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Bee Venom Cream for Wrinkle Removing | How it Works


Rebecca Brand shows how Bee Venom reduces wrinkles Click here to try BEENIGMA and get 25% off 🤍 FTC: Thank you Beenigma for sponsoring this video. Your face cream is great and all my opinions are mine and honest. Age causes wrinkles so I have been trying methods to reduce lines around my eyes, forehead and mouth. Alternatives to Botox are better for me, and natural bee venom has been shown to work. I try Beenigma for this which has Manuka Honey from New Zealand and bee venom. Face moisturizers are important for skin hydration, so Beenigma is great for this, the consistency is rich, and the scent is light and very nice. Subscribe 🤍 Like Me on Facebook 🤍 Follow Me on Twitter 🤍 🤍

Bee Sting Therapy


Of course, a bee sting can be painful. But, can it also be beneficial? Check out the interesting benefits of bee sting therapy. DATA: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 Bee stings  0:40 Benefits of bee sting therapy  1:45 Bulletproof your immune system *free course! In this video, I’m going to cover the benefits of bee sting therapy. A bee sting can be very painful, so why would anyone ever want to get any benefit from the chemical in a bee sting?  In large amounts, bee stings are very toxic, irritating, and painful to the body. But, in very small amounts, it may have potential benefits.  I believe it’s similar to when you get a small dose of something and your body then responds by creating stress and adapts, strengthening your immune system.  The isolated compound in the venom that may have benefits is called melittin.  Potential benefits of bee sting therapy: • It can shift and then strengthen parts of the immune system that normally cause an allergy  • It has anti-microbial properties  • It’s anti-inflammatory (in low-doses) • It improves T regulatory cells (reduces inflammation)  Bee sting therapy may be beneficial for: • Arthritis  • Skin disorders  • Bee allergies  • Chronic pain  • Parkinson’s  • M.S.  FREE COURSE➜ ➜ 🤍 Talk to a Product Advisor to find the best product for you! Call 1-540-299-1556 with your questions about Dr. Berg's products. Product Advisors are available Monday through Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-5pm EST. * At this time, we no longer offer Keto Consulting and our Product Advisors will only be advising on which product is best for you and advise on how to take them. Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, age 56, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media. Follow us on FACEBOOK: 🤍 Send a Message to his team: 🤍 ABOUT DR. BERG: 🤍 Disclaimer: Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients so he can focus on educating people as a full time activity, yet he maintains an active license. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. #keto #ketodiet #weightloss #ketolifestyle Thanks for watching! I hope this helps explain the interesting benefits of bee sting therapy.

How to collect bee venom


How to use the bee venom machine to collect bee venom. Malaika Honey - 🤍malaikahoney.com

Bee Venom Therapy | What it is, how it works, treating chronic illness


*DISCLAIMER: As always, I am not a doctor or practitioner! This video simply shares my experience and personal research/knowledge Answering all your questions about BVT! I forgot to mention in the video that you can use the bee venom cream on painful areas (like inflamed joints or muscles) and it can calm them down. I've used this when I don't have access to bees. You only use A TINY bit (like a drop) and wash your hands well after applying (don't touch your eyes!). I also mentioned in the video that I've never heard of becoming allergic to bees over time with treatment (if you are following the proper protocols). BUT, it's still possible to have a random allergic rxn one day depending on the stress your immune system is under at that particular time. Your immune system changes daily, so that is why you must ALWAYS have an epi-pen on hand and phone nearby. Bee venom cream: 🤍 Time Stamps: 1:10- What is BVT 2:18- Science behind BVT 6:00- Hoshindo vs. American bee therapy 6:38- my experience and story with BVT plus why I'm not longer doing it 11:11- Did BVT help me? 12:23- Does BVT cause herxing? 12:48- bee allergies 14:25- How to handle reactions to a sting 16:05- What I wish I knew before starting 17:28- What if you're scared to try BVT? 18:00- My overall thoughts on BVT 19:30- Where to get bees for BVT SCIENCE: BVT for arthritis 🤍 BVT for immune and neurological diseases 🤍 BVT modulates thyroid function 🤍 BVT for Lyme disease 🤍 Great resource for Hoshindo 🤍 Work with me- Movement Therapy for Chronic Illness Website: 🤍 IG: 🤍 FB: 🤍 email: theinfluencehealth🤍gmail.com Be sure to like, subscribe, and share this video! Please consider shopping through my Amazon affiliate link: 🤍 * I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Favorite Products+Affiliate Links: 🤍 Stay in Touch: Blog: 🤍 IG: i🤍 FB: 🤍 To connect or work with me email: lemonsnlyme🤍outlook.com - Hi, I'm Victoria! I live with chronic illness and share my journey to healing. I work hard to raise awareness around illness and disability. I'm here to spread the knowledge I've learned, as well as be real about what living with chronic illness is like. I'm also a holistic health and wellness blogger, so I share my tips on living a non-toxic or low-toxic lifestyle plus delicious and healthy food for those with intolerances or allergies. I am also a Movement Therapy Coach and work 1-on-1 with others to design movement plans to aid in their healing process. You can reach out to me with more questions about this or if you'd like to work together! I'm always open to video suggestions, so don't be afraid to reach out.

Processing & Production of Bee Venom (Apitoxin)


Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Sifting, cleaning, processing, and production of Bee Venom ( Apitoxin). Following physical and chemical indices, bee venom should correspond to the requirements listed in ‘Technical specification’ below. - Loss mass when dried, no more than %10 - Water-insoluble substances - no more than %6 - Total ash - no more than %2 - Authenticity (hemolysis) (Max.480s) - The activity of phospholipase A2 IU/mg - no less than 90 - The activity of hyaluronidase m IU/mg - no less than 70 - Melittin - no less than %40 Note: In our bee venom melittin amount is not less than 59% We produce and sell very high-quality Bee Venom at a very competitive price. You are very welcome to contact us at any time. We will email you a certificate of analysis and HPLC analysis. 🤍 #BeeVenomProduction #Apitoxin #BeePoison #beevenom #melittinofbeevenom

How to do Bee Venom Therapy


Bee Venom Therapy uses the sting of a bee to inject venom into a person's body - creating a healing action that is therapeutic and effective. Alan Lorenzo, a travelling bee venom therapist, teaches Leah Guy how to sting yourself (close up bee stings included!) and the whole process of this therapy. Bees are kept in personal hives, removed with tweezers and placed directly in contact with the skin for a sure-fire sting! Helpful for arthritis, fibromyalgia and lots of other ailments!

Uganda: bee venom therapy as an alternative medicine


There are claims it works as an immune booster and an anti-aging drug. Some also believe it reduces the risk of developing cancer. But despite no clear scientific evidence to fully back up any of the claims, the treatment i READ MORE : 🤍 Subscribe on our Youtube channel 🤍 and receive all the latest news from the continent. Africanews is available in English and French. Website : 🤍africanews.com Facebook : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 #AfNews

Whale Labs Bee Venom Collector


Did you know your bees are capable of producing a product much more profitable than honey? It's venom! Learn a little about the process of collecting venom to generate extra revenue as a beekeeper. Music Starlight by Monophonicspace used under Music Standard License for use within a single non-broadcast production. 🤍

BLACKPINK 'PINK VENOM' full dance cover by INNAH BEE


Finally! PINK VENOM FULL COVER!!!! It took me a long time because of what had happened recently and busy schedule but here it is now! I'm so excited for my HanniBees to finally watch it. After 5 hours of filming, and 6 hours of editing last night, I did it!!!!! Thank you HanniBees for always motivating me. Love you! ❤️❤️❤️ I just filmed and edited this video using 🤍Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and 🤍FilmoraWondershare #pinkvenomchallenge #blackpink #pinkvenom

Bee Venom Skin Care Miracle or Hazard?


Is bee venom helpful or hurtful to the skin? Dr. Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, Board Certified Dermatologist, talks to KVUE News Austin about the potential hazards of using skin care products containing bee venom.

what is Bee venom?


every thing about bee venom, bee venom export and products #Beevenom #beesting #apitherapy

Uganda Beekeepers: Farmers tap into growing demand for bee venom


In Uganda, Beekeepers have come up with an inovative way to earn some extra income. Alongside traditional honey sales, they're tapping into the increasing global demand for bee venom. While the local market is small, internationally, bee venom is used for medicinal purposes, and an ingredient in some anti-wrinkle creams. Isabel Nakirya has this report from western Uganda. #beekeepers #beekeeper #beevenom

The benefits of Apitoxin (bee venom) - Tv Agro By Juan Gonzalo Angel


Twitter 🤍juangangel Apitherapy is the art of using bee products – everything from honey to venom – to have more energy and to control your biology. Modern science is now discovering the power of bee products, but we’re hardly the first people to use bees as a source of natural medicine. In fact, apitherapy may be one of the oldest biohacks around; its origins trace back to ancient Greece, Egypt, and China [1]. Studies show that bee products may help manage autoimmune diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, HPV, Lyme Disease, multiple sclerosis, and arthritis – bacteria in bee stomachs could even act as alternatives to antibiotics [2,3,4,5,6,7]. You’ve probably heard about eating small amounts of raw honey to improve your sleep, but have you heard about using bee venom to hack your immune system? Propolis for inflammation? Pollen for allergies (how’s that for a contradiction?)? What about nutrient-dense royal jelly, associated with enhanced brain function, increased metabolism, improved mood, and about a dozen other upgrades for your body? Read on to learn more about these powerful – and unusual – biohacks. Some have more evidence behind them than others – I’ll talk about that too. Bee venom therapy is exactly what it sounds like – getting stung by bees in a controlled setting. That’s the traditional approach. The FDA has also approved a venom extract called Apex Venenum Purum, and it’s widely available. This is one reason why, when my 5-year-old son got stung for the first time by a bee, I praised his new “bee powers” which magically made the pain go away. 🙂 Why would you want to swallow (or inject) extracted bee venom? Well, it turns out there may be more than a few benefits to this odd biohack. Here’s the theory behind bee venom therapy: bee venom only causes slight inflammation, but in many people (even those who aren’t allergic to bee stings), the immune system mounts an unnecessarily large response to it. Your brain triggers excessive release of several hormones that control immune response, and once they take care of the bee venom, the leftover hormones can deal with other immune problems. More: 🤍 Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo 🤍tvagro.tv

Bee Venom In Facial Can Take Sting Out Of Aging


You don't actually have to be stung with this treatment. Suzanne Marques reports.

How to make bee venom solution for Apitherapy


A quick explanation for how to use the bee venom solution kit from our webshop. 🤍beevenompowder.com

Bee Venom STOPS Cancer #shorts


#shorts #viral #trending #comedy #entertainment #funny #dog #tiger #lion Bee venom can stop cancer!! Insane cure for cancer?

الفرق العلمي بين حقن سم النحل ( Bee Venom Amp ) واللدغ بالنحل مباشرة (Bee Stings) | دكتور أمجد هزاع


دكتور أمجد هزاع .. دكتوراة العلاج الطبيعي م جامعة القاهرة عيادة الروماتيزم والعلاج الطبيعي والتغذية الاكلينيكية ( روماتيزم - أمراض مناعة ذاتية - عظام - أعصاب - سمنة - نحافة ) العنوان : 122 ج البوابة الأولى ـ حدائق الأهرام ـ الهرم تليفون العيادة : 0233907765 هاتف جوال : 01003912038 للتواصل الدولي : 00201003912038

Bee venom helping relieve pain


Honey Bee venom is being used to help take away knee pain.

Honey Bee Venom Cures #cancer #beekeeping #shorts


Did you know that researchers in the medical field have proven through trials that Honey Bee Venom actually kills Cancer cells?!!

How to make a bee venom collector -petal honey bees


Bee venom collector is easy to be made learn more with petal honey Bee company. #petalhoneybees is where you get all #knowledge for #beekeeping

Bee Venom collecting POV


Bee Venom collecting in Croatia POV

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