Count's 77 at MATSLV '23!

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Count's Kustoms Network

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Danny "The Count" Koker and The Mighty Count's 77 rocked out for Muscle Cars at the Strip in Las Vegas! Check out this highlight reel from the event, featuring a bunch of crew from the Count's Kustoms shop, and some special guests too! Song: "Riding with the Sons of Perdition" by Count's 77 Get your official Count's Kustoms merchandise right here: 🤍 ^^ Email projects🤍 to have us work on your next ride! ^^ All other things Count's Kustoms: 🤍 ^^ #countskustoms #lasvegas

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Count's 77 at MATSLV '23!
Count's 77 at MATSLV '23!
Count's 77 at MATSLV '23!
Count's 77 at MATSLV '23!
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Robert Reep
2023-04-14 19:16:25

Danny, I want to say I've been watching u for a long time. Keep doing your entrepreneur thing brother.

BobRoy Grumbdy
2023-04-09 20:39:03

Great Music and Jam.

2023-04-05 14:36:53

Count's 77 is still rockin' and rollin'!!! YEAH!!!

Marc antoine DOUSSET
2023-04-05 12:25:15

Super cool !

Keep America 2A Strong
2023-04-05 11:33:27

Sounds great looks like a great time. Mini Mike is freaky to say the least...

Jesus Silva Alvarez
2023-04-05 08:45:11

Super video saludos

2023-04-05 05:28:32

I’m extremely racist

Todd Clark
2023-04-05 04:01:36

❤ Rock in dreams

Renato Andrade
2023-04-05 00:47:42

I hope one day meet this band!!! Rock'n'Roll in veins 👊🏻

2023-04-04 23:55:18

Still rockin that killer van. 🤘🏼

Chris WalshTV
2023-04-04 23:50:59

Hey what’s up bros how y’all doing much love

Kevin Hamblin
2023-04-04 23:32:29

Sounds Great ! Where’s the history channel ?

M14 Rifleman
2023-04-04 23:29:51

Sorry guys, but nothing in the video was very impressive. Better luck next time.

2023-04-04 22:51:13

Cool 😎

Mark Goss
2023-04-04 21:59:09

Wish I was there, for sure!!!

Kyle Foreman
2023-04-04 21:58:18

First time I herd them ,sound great

Matt Wiggins
2023-04-04 21:16:59

Pretty sure Mini Mike is the things nightmares are made of. 😂😂😂 HUGE fan of you guys!

2023-04-04 21:14:35

Count's 77 kicks ass!

Keith Whitty
2023-04-04 21:03:04

@ 1kFEduuKJKQ&t=2m00s 2:00 Did someone shrink Horny Mike in the washing machine on a high temp wash cycle again. Will you guys leave that poor child alone. 🤣🤣🤣🇮🇪

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