BIG Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Direct Finally Coming?!



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With the recent new gameplay from Aonuma of The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom many are still wondering if Nintendo has more information to share. The big Nintendo Switch game releases in just about a month and it seems a big blowout Zelda TOTK direct may be planned. A deep dive into the new gameplay, story, dungeons and potentially a new trailer could be the final piece of this new Zelda game's marketing before release. Get all the details here! Buy The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom from Best Buy and support me! Physical: 🤍 Digital: 🤍 Zelda Switch OLED: 🤍 Zelda Switch Case: 🤍 ★ Follow me on Twitch! 🤍🤍 ➨ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ► Follow Me! 🤍 ✸ Join my Discord Server! 🤍 ✔ Shop at Ewin Racing for the best gaming chairs & use code “Aero” for 10% off! 🤍 #TearsOfTheKingdom #Zelda #NintendoSwitch #Nintendo #NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitch #Aero

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BIG Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Direct Finally Coming?!
BIG Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Direct Finally Coming?!
BIG Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Direct Finally Coming?!
BIG Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Direct Finally Coming?!
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Zander .C
2023-04-12 18:18:06

Well this aged well XD

2023-04-12 17:15:52

One day off lmao

2023-04-12 15:26:11

GG Bro

2023-04-12 14:17:23

bro was spot on check the nintendo account in the livestreams!!!

Ethan Works
2023-04-12 02:44:32

Quite frankly I’m craving the mystery. I’m probably not even gonna watch if they do release one lol

Tyler Brown
2023-04-11 23:25:29

Unless it's a shadowdrop I doubt it. They usually do a 24 hour notice for these kinda things, and we haven't gotten anything yet. I'm guessing this rumor is unfortunately false, or from the most optimistic standpoint, it happens later in the week.

Prince Heru
2023-04-11 21:53:48

I really want the old champions if not the resurrection of them.

2023-04-11 21:28:16

I think the reason why the Zelda team is revealing little to nothing about the story is because I have a feeling the story is going to be far more complex than breath of the wilds premise. I also have a feeling Totk might follow a more linear traditional Zelda plot line compared to in botw you could book it to Ganon immediately after the great plateau. And from the shots we've seen (the tapestry from the September direct and the shot of possibly Zelda or an iteration of her holding the damaged master sword) I think Totk is going to emphasize more on story along with keeping botw's original mechanics and improving said gameplay.

Half Donut
2023-04-11 19:52:43

Get owned boi

Craig H
2023-04-11 18:30:44

I don't understand what else they could possibly say about it? The gameplay demo was more than enough for me!

2023-04-11 18:06:11

There had to have been at least several months that passed since botw. All the dead guardians are cleared and what looks like reconstruction sites can be spotted in the footage we’ve seen so far. Also, like, let Link and Zelda get some therapy before being thrown into another adventure goddamn.

2023-04-11 16:36:21

I hope they don’t give us anything else because I won’t be able to stop myself from watching it but I don’t want any more spoilers it’s already the most pre-ordered game for the system they don’t need to show anything off they’ve already made their money and with 10 of 10 reviews across-the-board from every creator it’ll sell like hotcakes when it’s out

Miggy Berr
2023-04-11 16:31:51

Would love to see Ganon in human Gerudo form!

Cullen Muir
2023-04-11 16:31:41

I'm afraid they're not doing it this week given they usually give a day's headsup and we've heard nothing from them today about that. That said, could still be a new trailer by the end of the week.

Blizzi Boi
2023-04-11 15:29:27

YALL have GOT to stop edging me bro

David cassells
2023-04-11 15:29:03

I hope it won’t be dlc

2023-04-11 15:24:36

Where is that direct?

2023-04-11 15:17:11

I feel bad for all you poor people complaining about the $70 price tag, maybe stop buying every copypasta CoD game that's exactly the same as the last game and you could afford nicer things. 🤷‍♂️

2023-04-11 14:34:42

on one side I would say "let's go!!" but then, I don't want to know anymore after the gameplay video, I would prefer not to watch it.

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